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Kathi Prayed

To whom do you turn when you are unwell or in risk? Naturally, it is your family, your friend, or someone that you depend on. Why do people who do not prayer God transform to him in their hour of requirement?

How To Be In A Relationship With Jesus

Jesus is to be enjoyed, worshipped, applauded, said thanks to, and also adored by you! Are you all set to be in a relationship with Jesus?

Many People Have Grown Distant From God! Don’t Let This Be You!

Lots of individuals assume they don’t require God’s directions. Yes, they do! They make life hard on themselves. But it’s words of God, the very thing that the devil is attempting to choke out of your life.

Food, Money, and Sex

Traditionally food, money, and sex are taken into consideration the impediments to the really sacred-spiritual life. The instructors of old cautioned against these disturbances, contrasting their pursuits with the real spiritual intent. Today we can gain from these strictures, these worries and constraints on spiritual life.

We Suffer

When we suffer physical pain or psychological suffering, we are determined for a cure. However, if the pain originates from our globe, why do we expect the treatment ahead from the very same area?

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