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101 Angel Number

Angel numbers are numbers that our angel guides use to try and get our attention. You’ll know that your attention is being sought when you see the number over and over again in ways that just seem to catch your eye like looking at the clock at exactly 1:01 for a few days in a row or noticing that the page of a book is turned to 101. These things normally make no impact on us but when our angelic guides are trying to get our attention they will stand out and we will take notice.

101 Angel Number

101 Angel Number Meaning

The angel number of 101 is a message that it is a time for development. The number 1 is the number of change. Change is a necessary part of a healthy life and will bring both happiness and sadness. It is a number of beginnings bringing creativity, focus, intuition and personal fulfillment. In the number 101 it is paired with the number zero which is the number of universal energy and resonates with eternity. It is the number of spiritual development and the journey, with all its uncertainties, that is about to begin. It magnifies all that the number one embodies making this message from your guardian angels a very powerful one.

You are about to begin something new and wonderful. With that in mind you are also going to experience some big changes. Some of these will be painful changes. You will experience heartache and sadness for a time, but never doubt that these changes were necessary and you will grow and thrive in ways you could not dream and in ways the universe wants to see you grow and change in order to reach your full potential. Don’t fight this change! Embrace it! Keep your focus on the end goal, on the positive vibrations and on your life’s purpose.

The number zero is there to remind you to also focus on your intuition. Whenever we enter a season of change there are always temptations in place to pull us off the right path. Listen to your spirit guides and listen to your own heart. Keep yourself on the true path and trust your intuition to always guide you the right way. You’ll find yourself stepping out onto the cosmic path, steps uncertain but confident that with the energy of the universe to guide you and your guardian angels to help you that you will succeed in meeting your life’s goals and achieving success and happiness.

A Time To Reflect

This is a time of development, not just of yourself but of relationships and you will find many opportunities to build relationships that are new and strengthen those that are old. Again, don’t fight against what is coming. The angel number 101 is a reminder that we are not in control of our destiny but that God is in control and we are simply to follow the path set before us and learn all we can before our time on this plane is done.

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