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11/2 Life Path | How To Make 2023 A Turning-Point Year

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Master 11/2 | The Channel

For the 11/2 Life Path, take a look at both the section for the 1 (and double it!) and then the 2. The Master 11/2 is the spiritual illuminator and channel. Yet it comes with some more intense challenges along the way!

As we bridge into 2023, understand that we’ll all be experiencing a 7 Universal Year, which brings a more contemplative and self-reflective vibe into the mix. The 7 is about doing your research, planning, and spiritual growth. Collectively, this is a time of deep soul-searching.

More immediately, your Personal Year maps out the energy that’s supporting and guiding you personally. We won’t add that layer to the mix right now.  Instead, we’re focusing on the “umbrella” energy that all of us will experience globally in 2023.

>>If you’re interested in the Personal Year, calculate it here.

Yet as an 11/ 2 Life Path, here are some ideas about how to focus on creating your upgraded and updated life in 2023

Are you fully stepping into your 11/2 Life Path?

If so, how can you step into your Master status while embracing humility and embracing the process? The 7 Universal Year vibe is a spiritually activating one. You’re already spiritually charged – and yet quite differently than the more subterranean energy of the 7. You’re more of a walking anxiety-ridden lightning bolt of energy, while the overall vibe of the 7 is slow, deep, gradual, and soul-shifting.

This is a year to dig deep into your own spiritual practice, to learn more about anything that piques your interest, and to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Lots of amazing insights can come your way this year if you’re grounded enough to make good use of them rather than let them knock you off-balance.

Slower and deeper personal and spiritual growth.

One of the major obstacles for the 11/2 Life Path can be in having all these grand ideas and yet feeling overwhelmed with what it takes to act on and bring it into practical reality. Doing your research, organizing, and pondering are part of the package this year. Getting some practical processes in place and truly opening up your intuitive channel can be a pivotal part of making 2023 your Turning Point Year.

Photo:  hussain-faruhaa@unsplash

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