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2 Life Path | How To Make 2023 A Turning-Point Year

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2 Life Path: The Intuitive Diplomat

The 2 Life Path is a sensitive love-bug. You’re born to be the ultimate diplomatic presence. Yet remember, the 2 is a conflict magnet. How else do we learn and master the fine art of meditation and diplomacy if we don’t have some serious conflict to practice with, right?

As we bridge into 2023, understand that we’ll all be experiencing a 7 Universal Year, which brings a more contemplative and self-reflective vibe into the mix. The 7 is about doing your research, planning, and spiritual growth. Collectively, this is a time of deep soul-searching.

More immediately, your Personal Year maps out the energy that’s supporting and guiding you personally. We won’t add that layer to the mix right now.  Instead, we’re focusing on the “umbrella” energy that all of us will experience globally in 2023.

>>If you’re interested in the Personal Year, calculate it here.

Yet as a 2 Life Path, here are some ideas about how to focus on creating your upgraded and updated life in 2023

Boundaries and more boundaries

This year can place a few triggers on your pathway in order to teach you how to turn your loving sensitivity into your superpower rather than your nemesis. Oftentimes, the 2 Life Path is so sensitive that it comes off as selfishness and insensitivity. Or, more than that, immaturity. Read don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements and focus on the chapter about not taking things personally. Your path and purpose in life is to learn to define yourself from the inside out – to be loving and supportive without being taken advantage of. As soon as you make the shift from needing constant approval from outside sources and instead, make your “approval rating” come from internal sources, then you’re really mastering your life’s work!

Where do you get most defensive or shut down?

This points to your softer underbelly and your point of vulnerability. Now more than ever, your mandate and challenge is in defining and refining your sense of self. Who are you? And who are you no matter what?  Do you mutate into a different person depending on who you’re interacting with? Are you Polly Perfect with your boss, Greta the Great with your spouse, and Whimpering William with your Mother?  This is your time to get it together! If there’s ever a year to learn that people can not read your mind, this is it! Investigating your insecurities more mindfully can be a pivotal part of making 2023 your Turning Point Year.

Photo:  valentin-salja@unsplash

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