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2023 Numerology – The Global Year of the Spiritual 7

Will 2023 bring you a new outlook in life? According to numerology, each global year has a specific energy that influences each of us in a specific way.

The ‘7’ global year is not like any other. Its essence is spirituality and uniqueness. How will this energy affect you?

2023 is here. It seems like the year went fast, right? 2023 brings us a journey with many unique possibilities and lessons. But of course, as with any opportunity, it is a matter of how you embrace it.

The Global Energy of Seven

2023-numerology2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7.  The ‘7′ is the vibration of the spiritual outlook in life – seeking the unknown and the unique. Yet, this seven will not just be an inward, contemplative feeling. It will, if we allow it, move us up to a new understanding of life and how we will take part in it.

The seven energy may be uncomfortable for some and inspiring for others. Those who like to move fast may find that they have to slow down and contemplate.

Last Year, The Year of the Twos – 2022

Let’s step back to 2022 ~ the year of three 2s. We won’t see that again in our lifetime! The 2 and the 6 (the sum of 2+2+2) are yin numbers – all about relationships, compassion, and matters of the heart. You might be wondering about this statement looking at last year, and scratching your head. Really?

Baby steps…. In this unsteady world… I did feel safer, and more out there in the public. Less isolated in my home with fewer prerequisites to wearing a mask everywhere. The world seems to be coming alive again –with people connecting on the streets of New York, rather than running home.

The other piece of a global year number is dealing with the shadow. The shadow of 6 is ‘worry’. “What will happen to me and my business?” The lesson of the 6 is to trust and step out even when it is not comfortable.

What Will 2023 Bring to Us?

2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7. Numerology examines the unique energy of the Global ‘7’ (2+0+2+3=7).

Ah, how very different from the feminine, supportive yin energy of the 6. The vibration of ‘7’ combines yin and yang and seeks the energy of spirit. The number ‘seven’ is typically contemplative, moving at a slow pace with a deep understanding of the spiritual and unique aspects of life. Seven looks at the unknown rather than the obvious.

Pay attention, my friends, as we have shifted to a world of zoom meetings and ordering from Amazon. Many of us have lost the necessity to communicate in person. The energy of the ‘7’ this year will not just have us meditate and slow down, examining the meaning of life.

This Global 7 Year is an activator, offering us the opportunity to change, evolve, and uniquely take action. That is if we choose to participate instead of the shadow which is to isolate.

What is your Personal Year Vision for 2023?

Each person has a different theme based on their birthday numbers as well as their outlook on life. To calculate your personal number theme in 2023, add each number of your birth month and day to the current year, and then reduce the sum. If you were born on April 28. Your calculation for the 2023 global year would look like this:

numerology-2023 Personal year numerology - 2023

Check out my numerology personal year calculator and find out what to expect in 2023. Once you do, what is your vision?

What is Your Vision for 2023?
Here is proof that if you open to your vision, it may come true:)!
My personal year is a “3” 4+1+2+0+2+3 =12 which reduces to a “3” — all about creativity.
I have been nominated for OmTimes Numerologist of the Year!!! If you feel moved, feel free to vote for me

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