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369 manifestation method: The secret of nikola tesla for the law of attraction

“If you only knew the magnificence of the number 369, then you would have the key to the whole universe”, as Nikola Tesla put it, a true connoisseur of the Law of Attraction. Here is how to do the 369 manifestation method.

He was an underappreciated genius at the time but one of the great minds of 20th-century humanity, in an unjust society for the time that took away the merits of its inventions and put them in the hands of others.

But sooner or later, divine justice appears, and the legacy is applauded. Tesla mission of soul on Earth has been fulfilled.

The secret of tesla 3 6 9 method

If you did not know, many of his handwritten documents disappeared in their entirety, and he was harassed and humiliated until he was left alone in his death. Did you know that he was the inventor of electricity and unveiled all its mysteries? Let there be light!

It was also Tesla who more than 100 years ago predicted and explained how the wireless technology applied to communications.

Ahead of its time and describing what we know today as Wi-Fi, smartphones, drones and very soon come true: high-speed aeroplanes with wireless power.

The truth is that this character knew his secret. He followed his universal instinct with the Law of Attraction.

His method is based on these three numbers 3-6-9. You mustn’t go ahead and invoke because everything has a reason for being.

Those who know about numerology, quantum science keeps the secret in codes that the cosmos, the hereafter, divinity, and God manifests

First, you must understand each one, and then there you apply the magic that he did big to Nikola Tesla.

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Prepared? let’s go to the spaceship

The number 3 in human language represents the spirit, body and mind. It is ingrained in human existence that we did not know due to ignorance of plans and is part of the unity and creative perfection of the universal cosmos.

Play a pillar role in humanity. Nikola said that this root is the sum of these codes, that is to say:

3 +0 = 3
3 + 3 = 6
6 + 3 = 9

In mathematical meaning, as you continue adding, it returns to its root and restarts the cycle. Interesting right? Everything falls into these three.

It is an infinite code, but it should not surprise you because the universe is so eternal like that.

Always divine messages

Angelic communication manifested in synchronicities that we observe in nature and everyday life, such as 111, 222, 333, and the famous master numbers, is considered impossible to separate. Still, applying mathematical logic and adding them, you get the cycle again, 369.

3 is in front of us. Seven wonders in the world are accompanied by the architectural design of the Pyramids of Egypt and the mystery surrounding the Bermuda triangle.

If we go to the religious Christian, we will see the Holy Trinity and the three wise men.

There is also the 3 western knowledge in Buddhism, whose meaning is science, balance and harmony.

On the other hand, the anatomy of the functioning of the human body, heart, brain and lung and the genetic codes of DNA.

There are many revealing keys that 3 is the source of the creation of us humans. That is, we all have numerical cells located on the skin.

God’s plan with the 369

For a scholar and an avid observer and occultist, Nikola Tesla knew the code used to create the universe.

He discovered these patterns by observing stars, stellar in the sky, nodular points of the planet and shapes and understood the Plan of God through mathematics, which also responds to what is known as the Binary System.

Much more interesting is that this leads to the mysticism of the ancient planes of the third and fourth galactic dimensions. The pure dimensional and infinite energy of the cosmos

Until his last days, Tesla did not rest in his work to reveal the sacred truth of the universe with his revealing inventions but considered crazy.

He was an obsessed scientist, and he has attributed some mental disorder but was careful with some supervision.

Such are the geniuses who transform the world and demonstrate that mathematics is part of the cosmos and does not correspond to an invention of humanity.

For many, Tesla was an angel who served as an illuminated channel for discovery and allowed us to open a portal to humanity to understand such spatial geometry.

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A sacred triangle

Why 369 manifestation method? 3 has a natural essence of recognizing, because we must also know the meaning of 6, which represents “equals” and 9 to the unity of the previous ones.

For numerology, the figures arise from the intrinsic nature of their origin, and each number represents energy. In the case of 369 manifestation method, it inspires compassion, creative expression, humanitarianism, idealism and family, all basic expressions for the human being.

At this point, do not panic because now is when you will continue to understand your essence on Earth because we are energies, and the human body transforms energy into vibrational frequency.

In music, for example, you can feel the frequency in sounds:

174 Hz = 1 + 2 = 3

285Hz = 1 + 5 = 6

369 Hz = 1 + 8 = 9

This is the cosmic spiritual importance of the esteemed Nikola Tesla with the 369.

Starting with Nikola Tesla’s 369 manifestation method, it is possible to put the Law of Attraction to work if you follow these steps:

Start with statements based on daily repetitions. You are the creator of your reality, decree positively what you want for life, partner, house, money and health, among others of your importance. Here is the 369 manifestation example.

Always use the term of gratitude. Say, “I am thankful for having peace in my life.” This is an example of affirmation, a magic word of what you will manifest very soon.

  • Upon awakening, start repeating 3 times in the morning,
  • then 6 times in the day. Recreate your statement.
  • You can write it and put it in front of you but before going to sleep, repeat it 9 times, thus completing the cycle.
  • All of this will allow you to begin to feel the reality manifested in the here and now. How? With the power of your thoughts and feelings focused on what you want, with the absolute conviction called faith. You already have it.

Use the mirror effect of that precious being, seeing from now on the materialized achievement.

Here is some points to be consider while you start manifestation

  1. Write your positive affirmations calmly, use short, positive and forceful sentences that clearly reflect the state that you want to achieve or perpetuate, whether in the work, economic, love or personal sphere.
  2. Start by working with only 1 affirmation at once in the period of 369 method, so you can focus all your energy on its materialization.
  3. Before affirming, take 3 mindful breaths and clear your mind of any negative or distracting thoughts.
  4. Repeat each of your affirmations at least 3 times (As said above) and do it slowly, focusing on the power and truth behind each word.
  5. Visualize your affirmations through clear images.
  6. Repeat your affirmations as said above, but be sure to choose auspicious times when you are free from interruptions.

Most used 12 Wealth Affirmations : Use them in 369 manifestation method

  1. I love money. Money loves me .
  2. I always have ideas to generate money .
  3. I am receiving money right now .
  4. I feel abundance in all aspects of my life .
  5. I have more than enough money .
  6. Wealth flows to me in all areas of my life. I am thankful for the ability I have to attract wealth and abundance .
  7. My income is getting higher and higher .
  8. Money flows freely and abundantly in my life .
  9. I am becoming more and more magnetic to money, prosperity and abundance .
  10. Money is an integral part of my life and it is never far from me .
  11. I can create money and abundance through joy, vitality, and self-love .
  12. I allow my income to constantly expand and I always live in community and happiness .

Positive Affirmations To Attract Prosperity, Wealth And Abundance.

  1. I am a person full of abundance, wealth and prosperity.
  2. I am a magnetic person. I attract interesting people into my life who appreciate me and encourage me to progress.
  3. I am amazing. A person full of energy, full of courage, with an impressive inner strength. And wherever people go they notice it.
  4. I am a successful person. My projects work perfectly and all my plans go in the direction that I want.
  5. My affirmations work for me and I attract everything I think about.
  6. People feel good about me. I am an interesting person, a person with whom everyone wants to be.
  7. Having the life I want is something absolutely simple. It is a matter of imagining it in my mind and I attract everything I think. My mind is a magnet.
  8. I inevitably attract success. It comes to me continuously and I receive it with open arms.
  9. I am the definition of success.
  10. It is inevitable for me to smile. I have happiness marked on my face and I notice it every morning when I get up and look at myself in the mirror. I see absolute happiness.
  11. I have the life I want and my dreams are a reality.
  12. Money comes to me overwhelmingly. It comes into my life in huge numbers and continuously because I deserve it. I deserve the money that comes to me for the value I bring to the lives of others.
  13. I am a person who adds value to other people and feels happy giving.
  14. I am a person who shares your abundance because prosperity comes to me in a fluid way.
  15. I am an amazing person. I move around the world safely because I believe in myself. And just as I believe in me, others also believe in me.
  16. The world is abundance and I am part.
  17. Money comes into my life in huge amounts and I happily accept it because I know I deserve it.
  18. My affirmations work for me and I attract everything I think about.
  19. I have thoughts of prosperity.
  20. I am a person who achieves his goals easily and quickly because I focus.
  21. I give prosperity to all who come near. I am success.
  22. When I wake up in the morning I look at myself in the mirror and I only see success.
  23. I have full confidence in myself, in my abilities and in my decisions.
  24. I love making decisions. I am a person who takes action. For me, making decisions is something simple.
  25. I am a person who loves to get out of his comfort zone. I feel comfortable taking my life to the fullest.
  26. Every day is a window of opportunity that appears before me.
  27. At night, when I go to bed I smile because my day was spectacular and I know that tomorrow will be even better.
  28. Wealth is just something that happens in my life.

For how many days should perform this 369 manifestation method?

Specifically for 45 days, that is, the sum of 4 + 5 = 9.

It is curious, but this process also allows step by step to begin to detail your dreams during your rest, all as part of your conscious energy in positive thinking.

Always brightness

Thanks to this prolific creator, we have more than 300 inventions in different countries with electrical systems, which are waiting to be recognized.

Tesla was a human laboratory of electricity between coils, motors, teleports and much more.

Remember, if you can with the energy, you can with all the dimensional planes.

It works. The secret is you.

Happy 369 manifestation method!

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