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4 Life Path | How To Make 2023 A Turning-Point Year

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4 Life Path | The Teacher & Seeker of Security

The 4 Life Path is all about digging deeply and is the ultimate student — and teacher. If there’s one Life Path people want and need on their team, it’s the hard-working 4 Life Path. If there’s anyone who can make order out of chaos, it’s you.

As we bridge into 2023, understand that we’ll all be experiencing a 7 Universal Year, which brings a more contemplative and self-reflective vibe into the mix. The 7 is about doing your research, planning, and spiritual growth. Collectively, this is a time of deep soul-searching.

More immediately, your Personal Year maps out the energy that’s supporting and guiding you personally. We won’t add that layer to the mix right now.  Instead, we’re focusing on the “umbrella” energy that all of us will experience globally in 2023.

>>If you’re interested in the Personal Year, calculate it here.

Yet as a 4 Life Path, here are some ideas about how to focus on creating your upgraded and updated life in 2023.

It’s time to do a huge review about your

“Life’s Mission Statement”

Given that it’s also the 7 Universal Year, the energy of the year offers opportunities to dig more deeply into your spiritual practice — or encourage you to begin a spiritual practice if you don’t have one. This can show up through some intense revelation points. For instance, the death of a friend or family member, a career set-back, or perhaps something health-related that calls to you to seek alternative forms of therapy or healing. This can also happen simply because you’ve been heading in that direction! Have you become interested in learning a new spiritually-based modality? You’re the ultimate teacher (and therefore also the ultimate student!). This is the year to dive in!

Can you imagine have foundational support in your life?

How strong and secure do you feel? And moreover, can you sometimes let yourself be softer, more vulnerable, and feel entitled to having others care for your needs when you need support? This is a huge issue for the 4. The lack of foundational support in life leads you to seek it out – and also to create it for others. Yet, where are YOU in the mix? The 7 Universal Year will offer some deeply pivotal moments where your entire being can take the opportunity to reconfigure and perhaps let go of the need to shoulder it all yourself. Your revised sense of self, trust in yourself, and your spiritual life are pivotal parts of making 2023 your Turning Point Year.

Photo:  dedu-adrian@unsplash

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