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5 Universal Month | The Numerology of AUGUST

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It’s heating up around here and it’s not just the weather! It may be the Dog Days of Summer, yet August cooks up some plot-twists and roller coaster rides!

August is a 5 Universal Month.

The energy of the 5 ushers in a buoyant, frenetic, and sensuous energy. Suddenly there’s an itch to travel, play hooky, and break out of constraints.

Mix this with the crowded astrology for August and you get a real party on your hands! And by “party,” I mean there’s a lot going on, a lot of emotional energy popping in and out, and the draw is toward a bit ‘o self-indulgence.

The 5 is the number of freedom. When the 5 makes an appearance, be ready for some hair-pin turns and opportunities for unexpected changes. This month, pushing boundaries and shaking up the status quo is in the mix.

As a Universal Month, this reaches beyond just you and me. The scope is our global  dynamics. How to gain and maintain our freedoms? How do we nurture, care for, and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy?

The 5 is adventurous and seeks fun and indulgence. The opposing forces can also be at work, bringing in restriction, fear, and scattered focus.

Make the most out of the 5 Universal Month – by Life Path:

1 Life Path: Claim your independence and take a bigger risk than usual. Try something new that scares you – just a little.

2 Life Path: Choose to come out of your shell this month. Spice things up in your relationship life (whether single and dating or coupled).

11/2 Life Path: Big ideas can come at you like a meteor shower in August. Keep a journal on your bedside table and write down inspired ideas and dreams.

3 Life Path: Creative energy overload! Capture those creative bursts and follow through with getting them on paper or into solid form. If you can get out of town for a moment, go somewhere you’ve never been before.

4 Life Path: Take a break! What brings you pleasure and enjoyment? Promise yourself you’ll schedule activities or time to indulge yourself just a bit.

22/4 Life Path: Be open to possibilities and dive into the unknown with curiosity rather than dread. You may be surprised at a positive shift happening when you let go of the outcome.

5 Life Path: You’re in your element this month! Lots of new experiences for you in August. Just make sure you don’t abandon something out of frustration or boredom before it has a chance to develop.

6 Life Path: A boost of energy is at your fingertips this month. Use it to ignite some new business ideas or add some fire in the bedroom (or both!)

33/6 Life Path: Put on your creative hat and have at it. Take a class, go on retreat or enjoy some travel.

7 Life Path: You might feel somewhat edgy this month, needing more time and space to yourself. Your ability to be an “extroverted introvert” will be out in full force in August.

8 Life Path: This is a month to think internationally. Have you been considering some kind of international angle with your business or wanting to travel with you passport? August is a great time to take action.

9 Life Path: What’s that “thing” you’ve been wanting to try but just keeping putting it off? August is the time to put it on the calendar.

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