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6 Life Path | How To Make 2023 A Turning-Point Year

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6 Life Path | The Nurturing Visionary

The 6 Life Path is the Cosmic Parent, nurturer, and creative visionary (with a dash of a pursuit of justice along the way). Your life lessons are all about leveling your excessive tendencies to care for others at the expense of yourself. Balancing and nurturing the relationships in your life are at the heart of your Life Path.

As we bridge into 2023, understand that we’ll all be experiencing a 7 Universal Year, which brings a more contemplative and self-reflective vibe into the mix. The 7 is about doing your research, planning, and spiritual growth. Collectively, this is a time of deep soul-searching.

More immediately, your Personal Year maps out the energy that’s supporting and guiding you personally. We won’t add that layer to the mix right now.  Instead, we’re focusing on the “umbrella” energy that all of us will experience globally in 2023.

>>If you’re interested in the Personal Year, calculate it here.

Yet as a 6 Life Path, here are some ideas about how to focus on creating your upgraded and updated life in 2023.

A deep review of patterns of relating

The energy of the 7 Universal Year and your overall purpose as a 6 Life Path places the ball in the court of stepping back and seeing your patterns of relating with a new lens. The energy of the 7 opens doors to some of the long-held issues, patterns, and dynamics that you want to keep and then also places a spotlight on those that you might want to re-evaluate or discard.

Setting your field of intention

It’s the perfect time to sit down and hash out some intentions, ideas, goals, and visions for your future. Are you moving toward wanting to start a family? Are you in a relationship that either needs to move forward or be let go of? Does your work or career light you up or is drudgery? The energy of the 7 Universal Year is slow and contemplative. This is a perfect time to investigate long-terms answers to your questions rather than hope for a “quick fix.” A revised way of allowing others their own messes (without you stepping in to “make it all better”) can be a pivotal part of making 2023 your Turning Point Year.

Photo:  namrata-shah@unsplash

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