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7 Life Path | How To Make 2023 A Turning-Point Year

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7 Life Path | The Analyst & Seeker

You’re entering into a year that doubles down on your Life Path number 7.  So you’ll get more of the pleasures and some intensity around the pains that you’ve known all your life! What a fabulous opportunity for this to be a true break-out year for you, oh-7 Life Path!

You’re in the midst of soul transformation, not to be too woo-woo about it. This is turbo-time for looking beyond the veil and seeing what lies beneath. This applies to your physical existence on this planet and also to your soul contract. Who do you trust? Is that trust misplaced? Is it outworn? Do you trust yourself?

As we bridge into 2023, understand that we’ll all be experiencing a 7 Universal Year, which brings a more contemplative and self-reflective vibe into the mix. The 7 is about doing your research, planning, and spiritual growth. Collectively, this is a time of deep soul-searching.

More immediately, your Personal Year maps out the energy that’s supporting and guiding you personally. We won’t add that layer to the mix right now.  Instead, we’re focusing on the “umbrella” energy that all of us will experience globally in 2023.

>>If you’re interested in the Personal Year, calculate it here.

Yet as a 7 Life Path, here are some ideas about how to focus on creating your upgraded and updated life in 2023.

Spiritual & personal growth is the focus

The energy of the 7 Universal Year places you in a petri dish that’s ripe for some deep spiritual and personal growth. As a 7 Life Path, this is nothing new to you! Yet the beauty here is that you’re in your element and can make incredible strides in aligning on your pathway and purpose as a 7.

You can’t avoid, deny, or resist your truth 

Your inner being can be revealed this year and yet are you open to it and will you trust it? You can’t go on in the same way wanting something different to happen in your life. 2023 gives you lots of intuitive nudges along the way. As a 7 Life Path, you can often rely on “spirit” to move you and can feel adaptable wherever you might find yourself. On the other hand, feeling a sense of control is often something you grasp toward. Let’s face it, you’re human like the res of us and this is a natural want and need — to feel a certain level of control in life. This is a perfect year for enriching your spiritual study and leaning into the “real unfettered you.” This can be a pivotal part of making 2023 your Turning Point Year.

Photo: francesco-ungaro@unsplash

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