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8|8 Lion’s Gate – August 8th Numerology

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This portal of 8/8 Lion’s Gate energy begins its journey on July 26th and traverses through until August 12th.

It is a result of the sun’s jaunt through the Leo constellation because of interplay between the star Sirius, the Earth’s sun, the Earth’s grid point, Orion’s belt and the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The peak of this energy culminates on 8|8.

The official activation occurs when the Earth and the sun align with Sirius.

Sirius rises during the middle of the summer and its energy forces opportunities for dramatic new beginnings. Sirius is a star that resides in the constellation of Cancer.

This is a time where new levels of consciousness are infused into the planet and also into each of us individually.

Can you feel it?

This moment is ripe for a whiplash of spiritual growth.

The 8 is the number of infinity. It is the energy of empowerment and supports efforts and intentions that manifest in the material world. Its power resides in its ability for manifestation on every level, so when an 8 shows up, it’s offering assistance to rapidly manifest whatever it’s directed toward.

The 8 amplifies whatever it’s focused on.

One of my favorite movies is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

We might take a few cues from the archetypes presented in this story and see what archetypes we are collectively and individually coming to terms with – and of course, this is just a “fun” example.

Which Willy Wonka archetype speaks to you and your current conditions?

(You can always use another archetype of your choice! No need to limit yourself to these five …!)

Gluttony (Augustus Gloop)
Selfishness (Veruca Salt)
Obsession (Violet Beauregarde)
Addiction (Mike Teavee)
Integrity (Charlie Bucket)

The presence of the Lion’s Gate energy of 8/8 is aligned with the heart center and embodies the Leo traits of courage, strength, and expression. This portal is sweeping all of us into our next phase where the apex is heart and unconditional love-centered.

What’s the best way to get the most out of this transformational energy?

DOWNTIME. Understand that – while these transformative times are exciting and offer incredible positive movement in soul growth and personal fulfillment – it can feel turbulent, scary, and uncertain during the process! Make sure you allow yourself some downtime. Meditation and simply slowing down your mental looping offers a calmer arena to experience these changes. We benefit from drinking more water, resting, unplugging from devices when possible, and not engaging in activities that you find superficial or draining. You have a golden Lion’s Gate pass to take a chill-pill right now.

HOLD OFF ON MAKING HUGE DECISIONS. Also be aware that this powerful energy can make us anxious, moody, suddenly sad (and then blissfully happy), and fatigued on a physical, emotional, mental, and soul-centered level. So if you’re feeling exhausted, emotional, have disrupted sleep, and are simply feeling that for some weird reason life is not going along or going to continue “as usual,” remember to take the time to recalibrate and nurture yourself during this somewhat jarring transition. Also understand that other people are also experiencing their own version of this and so you might choose to expect the unexpected across the board, yet particularly when it comes to unpredictable or uncharacteristic behaviors from others. We benefit from not reacting precipitously. Don’t respond to the heated text or email right away. Allow time for it to sit for a moment!

NURTURE YOUR HEART. The Lion’s Gate activates the Heart Chakra. Any energy work and meditation you can carve out time for, please take it! Take time to write down what you would like to heal or purge from your life, what you want to continue to develop and nurture, and write down a list of at least five things you love and adore about yourself – then write down how you can use your gifts and talents to make yourself heard in the world. Where do you roar!?

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