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Angel Message: Your Chance To FINALLY Hear The Message Your Angels Have Been Sending You…

Welcome, I am thrilled that you join me on I’m here with this week’s angel messages. So this week we’re using big stack of angel cards. So what i would love for you to do is place your hands over your heart.

Invite your angels to guide you to message, one two or three: a message that comes from their heart to yours. Once you’ve watched your message. What you can do is move your cursor back to the beginning of the video invite your angels to guide you as you move your cursor along in the video and when you intuitively feel it’s time to stop right.

There is an extra message for you from your angels, all right, okay, so let’s, shuffle these cards three times, of course clear the energy from the last time that i use them – and i always love to do things in threes as well.

Jupiter abundance, freedom, expansion, okay: where are we gonna get this card from? What does it feel like it’s right there? There we go notice. The signs. I love that card. Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving.

Are heaven sent? We drop feathers coins and other signs upon your path to remind you that you’re loved and never alone. That is such an important message. Isn’t it that you are never alone that there is always an angel with you.

You have your guardian angel. You always have your angels, your your guides, your loved ones, your family and spirit, your friends and spirit. You have earth plane, friends as well and family, so you’re, always always surrounded by love, always even though it may not appear to be love.

Sometimes that love is there. It connects you, so the angels are saying notice the signs that were there with you, so feathers are one of the signs. A feather will suddenly crop up and it wasn’t there.

Before i had this the other day, a feather turned up on my bedside table, and i just knew it was a sign to say we’re here. The feather wasn’t, one that i placed there. It just appeared there and that’s.

The thing that the feathers aren’t, something that you’re, putting there or maybe feathers that you have in your possession. They are feathers that suddenly appear same with coins that they suddenly appear, and now now i just remembered a coin appeared yesterday and i should have recognized it.

I just thought of it now: oh yeah, that’s right. That was also to say, the angels are with us that they’re there with me anyway, with that coin, you’ll find that numbers will crop up, and many of you know, of course, about numbers.

So 444 is an angel number. It’s been deemed as an angel number, but if you were to make an intention, a particular number was as symbol, a sign that your angels are around you. You can bet that number will turn up and you ‘

Ll know that the angels are there, so try that too and angels will appear in your dreams. They will appear in other forms, and you know sometimes those forms are just the form and other times. You know that it’s, a message from an angel that’s.

Just saying your intuition is guiding you all the time, letting you know that this is a message and not something that is just random. I feel like there’s, one more thing with this when it comes to notice the signs i know for myself quite often when more signs appear, it’s to say that i’m on the right track.

I’m on the right path, so feel that your angels angels are just saying to you. You’re on the right path. You’re heading in the right direction, know that we’re here. We’re, guiding you all the time. Okay, i love that notice the signs, so i would love to know what signs are coming up for you.

What signs are revealed to you as messages? What’s emerging over this week? Come back and tell me because okay number three number two jumping ahead: there number two: let’s, see it feels like it’s right here.

This is law of attraction, so this is same. Keep your thoughts positive and surround yourself with positive people and situations, and you will attract more positivity into your life so that’s kind of interesting isn’t it, because when we talk about law of attraction, we think abundance.

It’s, wealth law of attraction, but it’s. Not it can be about many other things as well. It’s really about whoever you are whatever you are. However, you are you magnetize your energy, and that creates a magnet for whatever it is.

You want to bring into your life or don’t want to bring into your life, because your whole energy field is this magnetic energy electromagnetic energy? So it’s affected by what you think who you are your emotions? It’s affected by that.

So when you think to yourself, you know why haven’t, i got this relationship or the job or the financial freedom or the health or the or anything in my life that i most desire and it’s. It’s coming, it can come from this magnetic energy and your thoughts and who you are and what you’ve been believing and the patterns that are in your life, but there’s.

Another side of that isn’t there as well, that we have experiences that as a spirit as a soul. We want to have, and so those experiences are within our energy as well, and that is attracting to us whatever it is.

We want to go through, maybe a lesson that we want to learn. So it’s, not always a cut and dry thing of oh well. What you think you’re going to attract, because it can be that these karmic patterns are within your electromagnetic energy as well, and that is magnetizing to you these experiences, so it’s.

I always feel like it’s. You know give yourself a break here if you are bringing into your life something that you’re, not very keen on, and you might be thinking well. What am i doing wrong? You know i’ve, read all the books, i’ve, taken all the courses.

What am i doing wrong and it could just be that it’s, a karmic pattern that you need to go through at the moment. So then, what you can do is simply ask just as i talk about that my cat comes in. You can simply ask so what do i need to support me? What can i do to clear this pattern? How can i move to the next level? What can i do to open my heart to receive everything that i need to clear this energy out so that i can receive or be in a new vibration? So ask that and see what comes to you, because you’re magnetizing, the energy.

So you’ll as soon as you put that into your energy field, you’ll, start to draw to you the support and help that will guide you from where you are now to where you want to be all right. Okay, number three: we finally get there, although we wanted to be there earlier right so number three, let’s, see! Oh, it’s right there assertiveness! Oh, i love that.

So it says this situation can be healed gently and with love, as you’ve requested. Yet there’s, also a need for your strength and truthfulness with the other people involved. We will stand right behind you as you speak, your truth.

Giving you strength and guiding your word now. You might think to yourself now, hang on a minute, you know i don ‘ T really understand that don’t have a situation, but i feel that this card coming up when it says assertiveness you see how she’s, playing a flute.

She’s, playing it ‘ S like she is walking through life to her own tune, and i feel that that’s. What this is about, but it’s about not just being assertive in a situation with other people, but it’s about you.

Doing your own thing, it’s about you being your own person. It’s about you being in harmony with your soul, with your light with whatever it is that who you want to be. I had to stop there because my cat willow decided that she wanted some food.

She was very assertive. She’s called willow, the wisp, the fire fairy. So she knows what she wants and i feel that that was a message as well to say you know, you know what you want, be assertive go for it, so i feel that’s.

What the message is for you is just to play your own tune to be in harmony with whatever it is. You desire what you want, what you want to bring into your life? This is saying as well about truthfulness and strength, so it’s.

Connecting in with your own strengths, with your own courage as well and being honest, you know if there’s, a situation in your life, where you feel that you’re lying or that you’re, having to hide something Or not be your true self, then this can affect you, it can affect you energetically.

It can bring your energy down. So i feel that part of the message here is about you being in your truth, about you being in a place where you can honor your true self honor, your soul, honor your beliefs, i know who you are and if others, don’t jive With that, if they’re, not in alignment with it, if they’re, not in tune with it, then you know that can be okay.

If they don’t judge you they don’t criticize you for it and if it feels all right for you, but if it doesn’t, then maybe you need to move away from the people who are not in Alignment or not in tune with who you are so i feel that there’s more than assertiveness in this message that it’s about being in tune with the people around you with your truth, with your energy with who you are, And what is healthy and what is supportive of your life? Your identity, your path it feels like this is where your strength is, and if you’re feeling that you haven’t had the strength or that your energy is just going down.

It could be that you’re, not in your truth at this moment, so it’s time to come back to that energy of truth, for you, thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe to the channel watch. The next video now and click the link in my bio.

I have a wonderful course that will help you to connect with your life. I will see you next week with another angel message: video bye for now angel blessings, bye,

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