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Twin Flames: Do They Exist?

There has been much discussion about Double Blaze, who they are, as well as also if they exist. Also today, there are many that think there is no such thing as a twin fire, or twin heart. As we become much more spiritually in tune, even more and even more information is revealed to us from our greater resource and therefore our understanding proceeds. Amongst the majority of people, there has actually been little question that on some level they do exist, ultimately, you can’t disregard the sensations of your soul. We can only learn greater knowledge as we progress up the ladder of understanding, gradually, taking each action as it comes, advancing along life’s course.

Reincarnation Is Winning

Over the years given that my websites went live in 1997 proclaiming my reincarnation and also web link to the Spirit of deep space the modification in mindsets by several has actually been visible. In some writings by various other writers they are clearly detecting most of the factors raised by me via posts, blog sites, and also websites. This is displayed in the phrases and also words they make use of which remain in keeping with those on them.

Insight From the Other Side Through NDEs Part 2 of 9

Have you ever before questioned what will occur when you die or what heaven is like? Ideas can be found via those that experienced a NDE (near fatality experience), when their physical body passed away as well as their heart went to the opposite. Several have shared their unbelievable stories so others can from the understanding from the opposite.

Suffer With God or Suffer Without?

THAT was the question placed to me. Exists any benefit to experiencing God in contrast to enduring without belief?

What Works for Us, When Life Works Against Us

God showed me just recently, it is great when life functions against me, since that is the only time I can respond in a godly way. I can not respond in a godly way when fortunes are good, when I’m being ‘honored’, when I have absolutely nothing to grumble around. I can only react as a person from another location linked to Christ when things do not go my way.

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