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Faith – A Must Have In Warring With Prophecies

Do you think that the prophecy will be fulfilled in your life? It is one thing to war with the prediction and it is another thing to believe that your petition has actually been addressed. Hoping without belief is praying with the assumption that the petitions will not be answered. This short article stresses that you are to war with predictions in faith.

New Year – What Is Your Present Position Now?

What is your stand with the Daddy right now? What can stop you from getting the satisfaction of the prophecies in your life? It is the will of God to satisfy them yet particular points in your life may need to be cleansed up first. This post emphasizes the requirement to examine yourself.

Warring A Good Warfare With The Prophecies Concerning You

What predictions have gone on concerning you? What are you doing to see them met in your life? God desires to bless you but the opponent intends to take the true blessings from you. This is the factor you have to battle to see the satisfaction of God’s word in your life. This short article offers you one crucial step you must involve to stop the adversary from stealing your blessings.

Where Is God When Life Gives Us More Than We Can Handle?

THERE is this old saying that does the rounds: God will certainly not offer you more than you can manage. Platitudes such as these do wonderful harm.

Proofs Of Your Love For God

Just how sure are you of your love for God? Several Christians assert to like God yet their words and actions say otherwise. Nonetheless, it is easy to inform those that really like God since as the bible states in Matthew 7:20, “by their fruits you will recognize them.” This short article gives you the indications that show that a specific person genuinely loves God.

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