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Angel Number 31 Spiritual And Sybolism Numerology | Numerologybox

The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

I wager you have actually listened to lot of times tales concerning psychics and mediums that can anticipate the future, make a telepathic link, and assist individuals by linking them with their dear ones that are not anymore in their lives. Psychics and also mediums can really do that. Yet have you ever asked yourself if there is any kind of distinction in between a psychic and a tool?

From Silent Retreat to Sunday Silence Vow

What did I find during my 3-day and also 3-night retreat of silence? Initial thing I saw were the plethora of pointless things wallowing my head. Voices from the past, present as well as future. Hope of the undetected coupled with stress and anxiety of the unidentified. Thoughts as well as concepts, worries and also doubts. Opinions of others and also my very own inner movie critic. One of the most powerful thread in my head and also the constantly loud voices were not my very own.

My First Guru, Father Francis

I got skillful spiritual direction from a Jesuit priest. His influence continues in me to now.

Number 13: Luck or Ill-Luck?

When you read or listen to something about the Number 13 you instantly think about what’s worst. However do we really understand all we require regarding the Number 13 to assume concerning it like it is a cursed number?

Word and Breath of Life

Also in hard conditions you can still talk as well as breath life right into the circumstance with prayer and also silence. Sometimes, no words are needed. You don’t have to be an eloquent speaker. Just attract from God’s spirit within in you and let Him do the work.

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