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When Hope Promises, Faith Delivers

HOPE is an experience the opposite side of suffering, that God usually grants us amid our struggle, where, in trust, we think. Belief is the sensation of leaving the world of fact – pain, apparently a fate – in hope that a better fact is possible. Confidence is activity that thinks in such a suitable.

Ancient I Ching Guides a Modern Office Hunter

If you could count upon old Chinese knowledge to select your next service office-instead of a realtor-would you? I did. Years back, in Boulder, Colorado, I was looking for an office space to set up my practice. A Jungian psycho therapist, I had a private method in psychiatric therapy, dream-work, as well as the I Ching. I determined to consult the I Ching which is an old Chinese oracle that Carl Jung presented to the West.

The Blessings of Unconditional Love

My hope is that this post will bring you hope as well as ideas so you can move on with purpose in this life time, recognizing that you are right here for a reason. Whatever that reason may be, what I am concerning to share with you, will certainly change your life permanently.

Occult Forum Debate – Did Missing Brazilian Student Pull Off The Perfect Hoax?

A Brazilian psychology pupil strangely disappeared, leaving behind a small “holy place” full of peculiar occult signs as well as cryptic texts in his room. New information lead detectives to believe that the trainee’s disappearance belonged to an intricate hoax. He is still missing.

Unconditional Love – Can It Exist, and If So, Is It Desirable?

The idea of genuine love seems like looking after somebody despite what could be in it for you. To put it simply loving others greater than oneself. Offering kindly with no conditions affixed. But is this mindset possible? Can genuine love exist? And also if so is it desirable?

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