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Welcome Home – The Journey Back to Self

As I near the completion of my 2nd publication, I have been wrestling with the meaning of awareness. Many of my expert life has actually been spent in health care. In medical care, the definition of consciousness involves mind injuries and resultant mind task.

Humanity Cursed Itself and God and God Forgave and Blessed Humanity

HAVING washed his hands of the blood of Jesus, the next point Pilate hears are the cooling words of an upset mob, several of whom had actually previously complied with Jesus. And also all individuals responded to, “His blood be on us and also on our children!” – Matthew 27:25 (ESV)

Reaching Into God As He Reaches Into Us

Right here’s a proposal to deal with: To the extent that we reach right into ourselves we enable God to reach into us. We understand God the very best we can when we permit Him to make us known to ourselves. We can just be intimate with God if we make love with ourselves.

New Perspectives On Time

Think about all the individuals in all the centuries, all the generations, and also all the decades who have actually come and also gone; the number of moments. There are 31.5 billion secs in one thousand years. There are forty generations over the very same time duration. And also although that seems inordinately long, which we only ever before witness four or 5 generations in any kind of one life, all those secs tick dutifully by, together, with certainty. At some point quickly, it will be one hundred years from currently, as well as mostly all of us who breathe air currently will certainly have run out.

A Brief Explanation of History Without Time

This planet is just one of polarities as well as dichotomies. It is a globe of oppositions, where revers hold true.

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