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3 How Conscious Am I?

In the previous article, I stated that, for convenience, Metaphysicians have actually developed degrees or classifications of awareness. Some describe these as thickness as well as others as dimensions of awareness. No matter terminology, we humans occupy the 3rd and 4th degrees, which we can call 3D as well as 4D.

2 Everything Is Energy

Researchers tell us that, when we look underneath the degree of particles and atoms, and reach the smallest of known bits, we locate excellent amounts of space between these particles. This area is not empty; it is filled up with a vibrating energy. Very little is understood about this shaking power but it seems that it is all over, as well as whatever and also every person has its own special price of vibration.

1 What Is Consciousness?

My meaning of Awareness is merely understanding of what’s going on around us and also what’s going on within us. Consciousness correlates to power vibration and also to spirituality.

The Self and God

This post mentions that in the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra, the Buddha describes that his doctrines of non-Self as well as termination, or emptiness, are initial mentors, and that behind our thoughts and feelings is truth Self and also the Supreme, Transcendent Fact. Poems by the writer about the Self as well as God are presented.

10 The Devine Plan

The Creator (sometimes called God, Resource, All That Is, and so on), that had produced every little thing, had a cognitive understanding concerning all of production. It did not, however, have the experience of everything, as well as it recognized that, without experiential knowledge, its understanding was not as rich as maybe.

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