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April Numerology and the Sacred Number 4

How will April Numerology and the number 4 affect you this year?

As April, the 4th month, is upon us, let’s take a look at the meaning of the number four according to numerology.

The four is the builder and organizer. Four represents the home and structure in its physical form as well as stability and organization in its energetic form.  The four energy is grounding and calming. How can you benefit from this energy during the rather unsteady time on our planet?

A person with a four destiny (the sum of the birthday numbers reduces to the number 4) can totally lose it if their house or office is a mess. They function on everything having its logical place. Thus, this will be an important time to build structure in your environment.  It is not a time to sit back and be a couch potato.

april numerology
Butterfly Spirit painting by Greer Jonas

The Sacred Number 4

In the Lakota tradition, the number 4 is considered a sacred number. The four vibration resides in nature (beginning with the root, then stem, then leaves and then fruit.) Further illustrated, on our planet, we have the four directions, four-legged animals, and the four seasons (Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring.)

April begins the blossoming of the land, as spring is upon us (that is, in between those cold days in the 40s on the east coast.) As the buds surface on the trees and the flowers begin to bloom, we also can feel the refreshing, enlivening spirit of April.

How can the energy of the month of April assist us with a fresh outlook in life during these times? We can tap into the healing properties of the sacred earth. This would be a great time to get out in nature, plant in the garden, take a walk in Central Park (for you city folk).

The grounding and steadfast quality of the four can assist us in starting and completing projects such as painting a room, brainstorming on a new business, or straightening up your apartment.

And it appears that we are seeing a lightening of the spirit as the ‘Covid era’ begins to find a positive solution.

What can you do to let go of the doldrums and isolation during this time? How can you act on being present in your life and your environment?

To illustrate the number 4, let’s take a look at my post on celebrity Oprah Winfrey and past publisher of the Washington Post, Katharine Graham.

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numerology online class
Online 4 week numerology class begins April 11, 2021

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