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Ask Greer: Can my destiny number tell me more about my life?

Ask Greer: I was born 25th July 1998 at 10:45 am in Karachi, Pakistan. I feel like I will always be alone in life. Does my chart say anything about love, marriage, or kids?—Alie

Answer: From a numerological point of view. Let’s look at the numbers of July 25 1998

7+2+5+1+9+9+8 = 41 You have a 5 destiny. The 5 is all about enjoying being out there in the world with people. The five has lots of energy and enjoys change. If you feel alone in life, it must be very painful as your life purpose to is connect and enjoy your connection with others. Perhaps the key is to let go and stop worrying about what others think. Enjoy your own company!

Ask Greer: I have been told I have a destiny of a 4. (April 3, 1976 / 4+3+1+9+7+7=31/4  I am not sure how the number can helps me figure out my life’s purpose. My life has been a hard road. I have a great husband, home, kids are great, now trying to find out how to fulfill the ME, part? I am 45 and have no idea what to do with my life.

Greer: Hi Tracy, do not despair! Having a home, kids and stable life, is just a part of the qualities of the 4. The four is the builder, the organizer, the ability to see where everything should be placed. This can manifest in career — as you would make an excellent manager, architect, or chef. Yet it seems like you are feeling the drudgery of the 4. Yes, the four can be stubborn and everything has to be in its place, so it may seem like you are always working or ‘fixing’ something. But here is a new approach. Shift the concept that your existence is filled with chores and responsibility. Engage in what you love to do!!! Fill your life with passion and excitement, What would be fun and rewarding for you?  It could be redesigning your living room, taking a sculpture class or beginning a unique business that interests you.

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