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Ask Greer: Do birthday numbers have anything to do with my love life?

There are many ways to look at how you and your partner can inspire each other. Also how you may irk each other. For this blog, let us just consider the birthday numbers

number numerologyAsk Greer: My partner and I seem to clash a lot, can numerology give me some insight? My birthday is August 1 and my partner’s birthday is March 1.

Greer: The sum of the month plus the day of the year can tell us how we inspire our partners, or friends. We can also learn the challenges.  It is all a lesson, so do not be alarmed.

Ok, so 8+1=9 What inspires the energy of the 9 is looking at the meaning of things. The nine focuses on transformation and the bigger purpose of life.  A nine can enjoy nature or meditation, or a meaningful conversation.

Your partner’s birthday is 3+1 = 4. Ah, the 4 is the builder and very practical. Do you sometimes feel like you are on another planet? The 4 is inspired by building or organizing the home or business..

So the 4 is practical and grounded while the 9 is into the meaning of life.  You may clash when one feels like you are on two different wave lengths.. However, you can inspire each other by showing them a different view.  Both of you will love nature, for example. And the 4 can show the 9 about the best time to plant the garden and the 9 can inspire the 4 by sitting on by the lake and watching the sunset.

swirl 3 swirl dark brown ONE INCH

Ask Greer: Over the last few months I have noticed that I frequently happen to look at the clock at exactly 5:19. This also happens to be my birthday May 19th. It actually stopped for a few weeks, maybe because I dismissed it as a coincidence, but it came back and I would really love your help with clarifying what it could mean.

Greer: Hi Harriet, Let’s take a look at the numbers in your birthday May 15. The five (energy and vibrant connections with people) +1 (inspiring ideas and leadership) +9 (transformation) =15 (5+1+6) Six is all about friendship, matters of the heart, family and love.

So as you keep on seeing this and it is your birthday I would say to you that you are on a journey of finding connection in relationships.. Is that true? Pay attention to the signs when you see this message.. How are you relating to others? When the number comes up, what are you thinking? what are you doing what are you talking about. all these signs are messages. And you can smile when you see them as they are helping you to find your path.. feel free to ask more questions about it.

Do you see the same numbers all the time? Ask Greer! Feel free to ask question here.

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