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Ask Greer: Do You See Your Birthday Numbers All the Time?

I see my birthday numbers everywhere, what does this mean?”

Seeing your birthday numbers, are usually a message about a meaningful time in your life. What is the universe telling you?

birthday numbersAsk Greer: “My birthday is August 17 and I am seeing my birthday numbers ‘817’ everywhere.  I am also at a pivotal point in my life, thinking of moving from my job to another state to better support my family. And now I keep seeing my birthday all the time. What does it mean?” — Alex

Greer: Hi Alex, yes, it is very telling when you see your birthday all the time. It can be the universe’s way of saying “pay attention”, especially during a big life change for you and your family. The sum and day of your birthday is called your ‘inspiration number‘. What inspires you in life.  8+1+7 =16/7. You have a 7 inspiration number. The 7 is the spiritual path, looking into the unknown to find your answers, connecting with the unique compared to the mundane. The ‘path not taken’ is what inspires you. So moving in your career and looking for a new journey is what is next.  Your birthday message may very well be — “calm down and remember to breathe” Connect within, and reflect what truly makes your heart sing —not just what brings you money.  Can you relate?

Ask Greer: Over the last few months I have noticed that I frequently happen to look at the clock at exactly 5:19. This also happens to be my birthday May 19th. I never looked into numerology but the frequency of this is making me wonder if there is a meaning and if the universe is trying to tell me something. —Harriet

Greer: Hi Harriet, Seeing you birthday numbers all the time may be a surprising message for you at this time. The five (energy and vibrant connections with people) +1 (inspiring ideas and leadership) +9 (transformation) =15 (5+1+6) Six is all about friendship, matters of the heart, family and love.

So as you keep on seeing this and it is your birthday numbers.  I would say to you that you are on a journey of finding connection in relationships.. Is that true? Pay attention to the signs when you see this message.. How are you relating to others? When the number comes up, what are you thinking? what are you doing what are you talking about. all these signs are messages. Smile when you see them as they are helping you to find your path.

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Do you see your birthday numbers all the time? Ask Greer! Feel free to ask question here.

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