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Ask Greer: Does Your Destiny Tell You About Your Relationship?

What is the Destiny You Ask? The Destiny (or Life Purpose) is the sum of all your birthday numbers. This number represents what you are here to learn in this lifetime. When we compare the life purpose of two people in any relationship, (be it romantic, family, or business) we can find what the strengths and challenges are.

Ask Greer: “My Girlfriend and I Have the Same Destiny Number, a ‘1’ – Will We Get Married?” —Kelly

Greer: Hi Kelly, the first thing that I would like to say is that there are no absolute answers in life.  The energy of your ife purpose can show you how you get along and what your challenges are. Whether you get married, is up to how you connect with each other. Numerology is not a predictive science.

The Destiny of “1” is to be a leader and have inspiring ideas. So with both of you having this energy, you need to respect each other and not try to persuade or want your own way.  Instead, if you enjoy each other’s vision and encourage each other to shine, then you will have a great connection. You could even work together as long as you do not have the same job in your business. Like, one of you could be in sales while the other is doing the marketing.

Ask Greer: “My boyfriend and I have the same destiny number, a 6.  Is there any connection? Will this guarantee that we will always stay together?” —April

Greer: As I mentioned above, numerology can only provide you with potential, but it is up to you both to compromise and enjoy each other. That said, the ‘6’ is all about compassion, love, family and service. The six is a warm hug and great friend. The trick about the ‘six’ is that they often try to please. In the long run, they may feel resentful.

The two of you have sixes. You may have similar interests, like gatherings with friends and family or working together for a cause. With the six destiny, you have the potential to understand each other and want to work out any conflicting issues. The lesson is to speak up when there are issues, and do not hide your feelings. The other piece is to try to smother each other.

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