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Ask Greer: I Have a Two Destiny, Will I Ever Succeed?

Tony Robbins

Question: I was born 18th september 1991 so the life path number is 2. Can I ever be successful in terms of money or finance?

Ask Greer Answer: Just as I guessed. Here is how you calculate your birthday in numerology.. all numbers are separately added.

So your birthday is September 18, 1991.

9+1+8+1+9+9+1 =38 . 3+8 = 11 (not just 2)

When 2 numbers are the same, they are considered master numbers because they are double the power of that number.

11 is the master inspirer, and leader. With your ideas, you can create and invent and lead in a profound even life changing way.

Think President Obama, as well as Michele, Inspirational speaker in empowerment, Tony Robbins, and in creative ventures, Madonna and Mozart.

PS: By the way, President Joe Biden has a ‘2’ destiny.

Check out my more info on the 11 destiny

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