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Ask Greer: Is Numerology Real? Can Numbers Affect My Life?

Here is a typical question I get from debunkers on Quora,  Facebook, Instagram, and even when I visit relatives at the Thanksgiving table.

meaning of numbers

“Do numbers really have an effect on my life?” “Is numerology real?” “How can my birthday have anything to do with my life’s journey?”

Here is my  answer:

Yes, there are numbers everywhere in your name, your birthday, and even the same numbers you see all the time…

What do your numbers mean? The study of the energy of numbers goes back to Pythagoras and earlier. His group examined the effect of Numbers in mathematics, leading to physics and science, and even music.

Does Numerology Work

The number 3:Three points together form a whole shape, the triangle. This causes a dynamic charge.

Compare the triangle to a line which has two points.


In numerology terms, 2 is duality, one-on -one relationships, two opinions and diplomacy. The 3 however, denotes 3 views – All sides of conversation and ideas. It represents “creative self-expression“

4: The four (4) directions, is the home, and the builder. If someone has a ‘four” in their chart, they tend to be organized and grounded with all sides connected. Find out more about what the numbers mean and how they are reflected in your chart.

There is much to discover about you. Find out more with a numerology reading. During the reading we will go over how to best work with your two (or three, if there is a name change) expression numbers as well as the affects of your full name and birthday, and karmic numbers.

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