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Ask Greer Numerology – Is the Destiny ‘1’ an Unfriendly Number?

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Question: In numerology, why is a destiny number of 1 an unfriendly number to have? Many celebrities with that number have some sort of downfall. —Anna

Ask Greer: Well, I haven’t thought of numbers as “friendly” or “unfriendly”, but I suppose the “1” is not as friendly as the “3” or the “5” or the “6”. The ‘1’ destiny (life path) is the leader, the inspirer, the one that has a strong mind and takes action with his/her ideas. The “one” is a yang number – assertive and fearless. Celebrities with the destiny of “1” that has a downfall? I would not isolate that description only to a “1” destiny. But we have Actor George Clooney, Apple’s Steve Jobs (rather complicated soul) poet Maya Angelou, and entertainer Sting, who all have a “1” destiny. All strong in presence, brilliance, and leadership. All extremely successful and inspiring.

I would say one thing about the ‘1’ and the “downfall” word. The shadow of 1 is the ego. The challenge is holding on to being so strong in one’s convictions and ideas that they do not allow space for others to share their brilliance. I would say Steve Jobs was like that. The lesson of the one is to delegate and “empower” rather than stay on top without compassion.

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