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Ask Greer: What is the Best Expression Number for My Business?

To find the ‘expression number’ of a business name in Numerology, calculate the numerical sum of each letter. See the Pythagoras chart to begin.

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Ask Greer: Hi Greer, My business name number is a 7. It will be a stable with a pony club for children. My specialty is breaking in and training young horses. My dream is creating a stable that combines the utmost respect and love for the horse and a fun loving atmosphere where children and adults. They can come away from the chaos of everyday life and be one with what they love. Your opinion would be very much appreciated.

Greer: Hi Sarah, Your service sounds wonderful.  In general, 7 is a quiet expression that loves beauty and understanding the inner thoughts in a spiritual way. Searching for truth, balance and inner meaning to the world. Connecting to nature and beauty. Communicating with horses would be the way to do this. Seven is a quiet expression though, and would be one that would have to be marketed more by word of mouth and people sharing their wonderful experiences. Business will grow in a slow but steady way and would incorporate much inner growth.

Ask Greer: We are planning to start a boutique and costume design shop. The sum of all the letters of the name of the business adds to a 9!  Would this be a succcessful name?

Greer: Hi Diane, I would say that a boutique and costume design shop should have a bit of a pizazz number. The Nine is very thoughtful and philosophical. It would be good for a computer company or a yoga center. But without getting more details from you and looking at the name compared with your values, I might suggest that a ‘5’ expression number would be awesome because it is all about sales, fun and well.. dressing up:)


There are many aspects of finding the best and most successful business name for you. When I work with clients, we look at your goals and what you would like to create. Making money is an important objective, of course. But there is so much more. Finding a name with a ‘zing’ to attract those clients that would be interested in your service is very important. I will be honored to work with you. Click here to find out more and to schedule an appointment.

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