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Ask Greer: Why Do I See the Same Numbers Everywhere?

Ask Greer: “I keep seeing the same number everywhere — 11:33, What’s up with that“??? —Stacey

Greer: Ah Stacey, 11 is a common number that people see. Numbers are significant and play a big role in our lives. If you see the same number everywhere, like on your clock, license plate, etc, there is a good indication that it is a message for you. Perhaps there is something changing in your life, or you were thinking about a problem that was bothering you. When you see that same number, it is a clear stand-up and take notice sign for you to act on. You may be strikingly surprised at your ‘aha’ moment.

As far as 11:33.. wow, crazy— two master numbers! A master number is a series of two numbers of the same value, like 11 and 33. These numbers have very powerful vibrations and can affect your life in a profound way. The 11 is the number of divine inspiration, leadership and invention and the 33 is the powerful number of creative self-expression and service. What is the message? Only you would know what it is for you. Notice what you were thinking of when you saw them. These are all clues. The universe is alerting you to take notice of something that will move your life forward and/or something you need to pay attention to.

Ask Greer: I see 118 or 181 in two separate programs. these reg numbers in two separate programs.

Ask Greer: I keep seeing 222 everywhere.

For the past few years on a daily basis and multiple times a day 222 rears it head on the clock, phone and random places. Help!!!—Kairi

Greer: Embrace the 222, Kairi,  it can be a message of connection. Twos are about relationships of all kinds, romantic and personal. It is also about balance, and truth.

Perhaps when you see this number, it is telling you to wait a second before you act.. is there something about this day or this time that you need to take a focus on, or sit with, before you make a decision?

Ask for guidance. It could be an inner meaning.  2+2+2 = 6, which is about service, compassion and the heart.

Smile when you see the 2s.. and thank them.. it is not an omen, it is support.. Maybe you can even meditate with the 222. Bring it into your heart and let it work for you.

Do you see the same numbers all the time? Ask Greer! Feel free to ask question here.

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