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Astonishing insights into Tina Turner through Astrology + Numerology

Why Tina Turner was a star amongst the stars 🌟 Tina’s extraordinary placement of planets and numerology shows she came to earth to set goals and thrived on creating visions that provided exhilaration in life.

“If you are unhappy with anything…whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self, comes out.” Tina Turner Nov 1939 to May 2023 (age 83)

Read on to find out about the psychic Tina visited… why she was so enigmatic and the huge planetary energy at play when she transitioned from earth to the next realm 🪐✨

Born Anna Mae Bullock, November 26, 1939 in Nutbush Tennessee, Tina Turner was given the stage name by her controlling abusive first husband and manager Ike Turner. The name ‘Tina’ was said to be inspired by the comic book heroine Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. And a Queen is what she became!

Ike thought he’d be able to keep the rights to Tina, she had to fight for her name and with her incredible resilience and strength there was no way he would hold her back.  On a deeper level, I feel Ike and Tina had a soul contract in this lifetime which taught Tina the true meaning of freedom and strength.  There’s a saying I love, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. And only through the darkness can you truly see the light.

I had a feeling Tina held fire 🔥 in her chart and I wasn’t wrong.  Our astrology charts and numerology blueprints reveal who we’ve come here to be, our soul journey, life direction and life lessons which are stored in our Akashic Records.  Our names hold our hearts desire, personality and how we express ourselves.  When Tina Turner changed her name from Anna Mae Bullock to Tina Turner her frequency shifted from learning about boundaries and personal power to escapades, entertainment and freedom.

Tina Turner was born under triple Sagittarius with her Sun (core being), Mercury (communication) and Venus (the love she gives and receives) revealing she held a genuine love of adventure whether travelling the globe or exploring the world of ideas and philosophy.  Enthusiasm is the keyword!

I can also see through Tina’s powerful Sagittarius placement with her sun in the fourth house, she held a deep connection to people from foreign lands. Tina passed away peacefully from her adopted home in Switzerland, far from her motherland in Nutbush Tennessee.

Tina Turner Astrology by Tameera
Tina wrote the song ‘Nutbush City Limits’ a great autobiographical hit of her hometown yet was also a radical electrifying vocalist who could fire a familiar song into something new. She held the kind of presence you could feel when she walked into a room. I’ve been singing Nutbush City Limits in my head all day after writing this post with memories from 1980’s roller discos. I had no idea what the song was about!

Tina was a domestic abuse survivor who turned to her music and Buddhist faith to find peace, becoming an icon and legend who also found the love of her life.  She suffered further tragedy with the loss of her son Craig in 2018 to suicide. Tina Turner lived an extraordinary lifetime showing us, we can rise through adversity and shadows to truly become who we want to be. Reminding us to be true to ourselves.

In the 2021 documentary ‘Tina’ the singer said she was so nervous about doing the interview she asked her psychic if it would ruin her career. “The psychic said, ‘No, Tina, ‘It’s going to do just the opposite. It’s going to break everything wide open.”

From a numerology perspective Tina was in her 5 personal year in 2021 until her birthday on November 26. As she was a 5 life-force energy in the same personal year vibration I do feel 2021 for Tina was where she was able to share her journey to freedom and her true story with the world.  The 5 represents freedom, faith, adventure, communication, travel, fun, teaching and change.  The 5 is open both front and back and magnifies exposure to different ways of life.

When I looked into the incredible energy of Tina Turner through her astrology and numerology soul blueprint to share with you, I could see she was a force to be reckoned with.  I was interested to see Tina had been living with high blood pressure throughout her life, which I could see as a side effect from all the fire in her astrology chart 🔥

When the Sun 🌞and Moon 🌚 are at opposite signs at the same degree this births a full moon (full moons intensify).  Tina was born with her Sun in Sagittarius at 4 degrees and Moon in Gemini at 7 degrees sharing she was born close to the full moon magnifying her drive and lust for life.

Tina’s Gemini Moon in the 10th house of Capricorn shares her emotional gift and legacy of communication.  Tina’s Gemini moon shares she was a curious soul with a basic need for communication. Fun loving, energetic, inventive, and entertaining.  With hers Moon in the 10th house of Capricorn she had come to earth to be publicly recognised for her achievements, seeking social status through her career and becoming prominent in her field, in addition to being popular with the public highlighting independence and great enthusiasm.

Tina’s Ascendant was in Leo (her face to the world) – Tina Turner really was Queen of the Jungle! Her Mars (drive in life) was in Pisces, where she was inspired by the beauty and joy of this world with an incredible imagination.  The flip-side of Mars in Pisces is resorting to victim like behaviour when faced with a threatening situation or person (which I feel she grew and learned through her first husband Ike – let’s call him Yikes!) She also held Mars in the 7th house of Libra expressing a strong need for intimate relationships.

Tina Turner was born with Uranus (which brings freedom ruled by Aquarius) conjunct her mid-heaven (career). CHANGE was the keyword in Tina Turners career. She had come to discover freedom through her career and share her inspiration with the world.  This theme keeps repeating through her numerology blueprint and astrology chart.

Tina had come to earth to be who she wanted to be. “Align your personality with your purpose and no one can touch you.” – Oprah

Looking into Tina Turners numerology she held three 5’s in her blueprint.  When 555 shows up this expresses itself as freedom, change, communication, entertainment and adventure. Tina was known for her love of lighting up a stage, jam packed stadiums and all those incredible outfits 🌟

Tina held a 9 Heart + Soul in her numerology – sharing she wanted to reach the world from her heart, emanating forgiveness and was an old soul.

With a 5 numerology personality, 5 expression and 5 life-force/life-path energy (which is likened to the sign of Leo). Tina was all about freedom of expression, living her truth, entertaining and exploring the world. When combined when her 8 day-born energy this amplified her gift of teaching and being a voice to the world.

Tina held a 44/8 master vibration destiny (through her birth certificate name Anna Mae Bullock). The 8 represents two circles – heaven upon earth which is balancing the material world with the spiritual world (or chasing the tail). She was the steadfast executive and believed in reaching her goals through hard work, courage and determination. Interestingly her destiny would most likely find herself financially s supporting others in some way. Tina could tell other people what she thought and be blunt. The energy and frequency of money and power was something else she had chosen to learn in this lifetime. Through the 44 Tina wanted to leave a lasting legacy and that she did.

And if you lived through the 1980’s like me, “You’re simply the best. Better than all the rest.”  This sums up Tina Turners 1 attitude numerology vibration!

Tina held a plane of empathy in her birth-grid, revealing she felt what other people could feel on quite a deep level. She also held a plane of research, with a natural gift of discovering new ways of being and doing.  We go through four main stages of life in our numerology, with Tina in her final 3 pinnacle vibration until the very end she really wanted to bring more light into the world.

Tina was in a 9 numerology personal year of endings in 2016 when the star had been open about the health problems she faced, including intestinal cancer.  She received a kidney transplant in 2017 in her 1 personal year of new beginnings (personal years start from your birthday).  When Tina transitioned in May 2023 she was in a 7 personal year vibration magnifying her spirituality and a sense of ‘coming home’.

Tina Turner Numerology Blueprint
When Tina Turner transitioned from this earthy realm to another dimension, I was amazed to see rare lifetime astrology transits occurring around her passing May 24, 2023.

1. Uranus Conjunct Uranus which started May 17 2023 to Feb 22, 2024

Uranus is slow moving; this transit usually occurs around the age of 84 years (which is also why many people who have not ‘done the inner work’ start to get dementia around this age). When it occurs at 84 years it’s a time of spiritual renewal. Tina had just completed one full cycle of the planet Uranus which governs freedom, insight, originality and detachment from emotions. She now had the ability to view her life in a new light. As she was alive spiritually, and a devout Buddhist I can see she was in great time of insight and contentment as Tina released earthly attachments in favour of spiritual rewards and great wisdom. With Uranus over Tina’s midheaven when she transitioned, she wanted to leave this earth being known for her powerful career.

2. Saturn conjunct Mars April 23 to Aug 14, 2023

Saturn brings order and structure, and Mars rules our drive. Delays and frustration mark this stage of life. The extent to which these obstacles are experienced depends largely on recent past events. Tina was required to expend a lot of energy in an effort to push forward with her ambitions with a message of being careful not to overdo it. I do feel Tina was most alive when entertaining, sharing her lust for life and exploring the world and the way I see it is her earthly body was no longer able to keep up with the fire in her soul.

3. Saturn Square her Sun April 14 to Aug 25, 2023

Tina was entering a challenging phase of her life, but one that felt rewarding. Through this transit she was given the chance to start a new. ‘This transit can feel like an endurance test. It may be that you will be forced to give up some of the less useful activities and plans in your life, but this will simply create the time and space for new, more rewarding, forms of self-expression.’

And this I feel was Tina’s time to transition.

Tina Turner transitioning chart 24May23
I truly believe Tina Turner achieved her dreams on this earth plane, learning lessons in self-love, spirituality and believing in your own power. 

“She could have labored in obscurity for decades, maybe making records on small labels to be prized by vinyl connoisseurs in Portland. She could have stayed in Vegas, where she first went to get her chops back up, and worked as a nostalgia act. And, of course, given what she had been through, she might have … not made it. What happened instead is that Tina Turner became the biggest global rock star of the 80s. I’m old enough to barely remember this, but if you aren’t, it was like this: The Rolling Stones would headline a stadium one day, and the next day it would be Tina Turner. A middle-aged Black woman – she became a rock star at 42! – sitting atop the 1980s like it was her throne. Born into a share-cropping family as Anna Mae Bullock in 1939, she died Tina Turner in a palatial Swiss estate: the queen of rock ‘n roll; a storm of a performer with a wildcat-fierce voice; a dancer of visceral, spine-tingling potency and ability; a beauty for the ages; a survivor of terrible abuse and an advocate for others in similar situations; an author and actress; a devout Buddhist; a wife and mother; a human being of rare talent and perseverance who, through her transcendent brilliance, became a legend.” – Will Stenberg via BBC News

You will forever be remembered as a legend and shining star Tina Turner 🌟

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