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August 2021 Numerology- A Choice of Fear or Empowerment

August 2021 numerology and the power of 8“What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything? —Vincent Van Gogh

August 2021 numerology illustrates the energy of the number 8. It is an invitation to step up to claim your power. What exactly does this mean during this crazy moment on our planet? Are you losing track of time (what day is it anyway?) or consumed by fear?  Is the mask still on, whether you are wearing it or not?  The strength of the number 8 can assist you in rising up from the isolation as you connect to the source that resides within you.

The Numerological Power of 8

Here is how I see it as a numerologist.  Eight, in the glorious never-ending shape of the *infinity symbol, is all about potential. During this August 2021 – numerology can guide us with an important lesson of expansion. As we step out of our comfort zone into an unfamiliar world, we can bravely make a difference.

Embracing who we are and sharing it with the world is rising to a very high level of consciousness. It is embracing power with the heart and not the head.

Each person you share your vibrance with is benefiting from the mirror they see in you.

The power of 8 is all about success and abundance.  Claiming your brilliant potential in every way, is totally empowering yourself and others.  Tapping into your abundance of spirit, health, knowledge, energy, success and wealth, can also affect the richness of your community and loving friends.

To be afraid of our power, and humble ourselves so we are not seen, is a disservice to the world and all the people that we come in contact with.

This month is a time to explore and be bold. Step out and enjoy life and take chances.  From the long pandemic hibernation, we are all taking off our masks and breathing the fresh air.  Get out! See friends! Start new projects and new career ventures!

What will you do? Feel free to comment below and/or my Facebook page.

The Shadow of 8

Asserting the power that is authentically yours is not about seeing yourself as greater than others.  To do this is the shadow of the eight. To take your influence and abuse it by pushing others down can be a lesson that some have come here to learn.  (Perhaps in a past life you were a dictator?) The 8 shadow views power, money and success as a path to compete and feel better than others.  Their values are self-serving. This is the journey of thinking through the brain and the ego rather than the heart.

The Other Shadow of 8

Self-defeating, insecure beliefs. You quit before you even start.. you binge eat, or binge spend without the responsibility to your body or your money.  None of us are here to hide. What would be the point?

The Word ‘Powerful’

Let’s look at this word ‘powerful’. The sum is the master number 44. With a double “4” the word holds the energy of the master builder and manifester.

Numerology Essence of ‘Powerful’

Abundance Without Judgment – Nature

August 2021 Numerology and the Power of 8
Antelope Canyon is a painting by Greer Jonas

To illustrate the limitless potential of abundance, we can simply look at nature. Nature has no personal judgment of itself, no jealousies, shyness, or fears.

Nature displays its magnificence with all its glory and vastness. An example is the jaw-dropping Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  It is like an abstract filled with color and light and shadow. As I painted my version of natures’ display, a thrill went through my bones. I was at one with life’s creative gifts. No judgment, just appreciation and love. See my art website:


I would like to extend my gratitude at this time to Ken Honda and his brilliant and empowering Money EQ” 21 Day program.

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