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Can I Have a Karmic Debt Number of Zero?

“This is driving me nuts. I was told that my karmic debt number is zero. Could this be? Does this mean I have nothing to learn?”

“I’m always wondering or feeling like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I really never have a truly restful day off because the whole time, I feel like I should be doing something else. Is this part of it? Will I ever be able to rest? Thanks, Cindy

Ah, Cindy, you describe yourself well. According to numerology, karmic numbers are the specific alpha-numerical numbers missing from your birth name. These are the karmic lessons you have come here to learn in this lifetime. If you have no numbers missing from your name, you have the karmic debt* number zero. Can you rest? Lol! if this describes you, life may often be frustrating. You may feel driven in one place and then, well “Maybe I should be doing something else?”

No worries Jane, First let me explain.  The karmic debt number shows you what lesson/s you came here to learn in this lifetime. One of the ways to find your karmic debt number is to look at all the alpha-numerical letters in your name and see if there are any numbers missing.

When you do not have any numbers missing, then you have a ‘zero’ karmic debt number. This means that you came here in this lifetime to ‘wing it’. Hmm. My best advice for you would be to breathe, take your time, and listen to what intrigues you. One idea at a time!

Zero personalities can be multi-faceted but frustrated that they are not doing enough!  You need to create a mantra where you remember to breathe and not be hard on yourself. While you are present at the moment doing what you love, enjoy that moment and let go of where else you should be.

*This description is based on the letters of your birthname. There are other definitions for karmic debt when referring to 13/4, 14/5 , 16/7 and 19/1. Numerologist,  Christine Delorey explains more about these karmic debt numbers..


zero karmic numbers
Gandhi Has Zero Karmic Debt

Gandhi numerology Karmic dept zeroThink Gandhi. He had a big job — -changing his country! Yet he focused on one thing at a time and had the patience to wait till the moment when it was time for a change. Zero is all about potential and change and you need to find a happy balance. Find one thing you like, that brings you passion. And do that.

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