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Cat dream meaning, The spiritual meaning of cats in dreams

Dreaming of cats is more common than you might imagine since it is one of the people’s favorite pets. But … what does it mean to dream of a cat?

What does the subconscious want to convey to us? Is your performance positive, or is it a bad omen? In this article, we will tell you every one of his interpretations.

What is cat dream meaning?

When you dream of cats, it usually represents a character endowed with energy, creativity, and independence.

But there is also the possibility that a cat will bite you or chase you during your sleep, in which case it is an alert from your subconscious about a possible betrayal of a false friend.

More qualities that define cats are their majestic bearing, style, and distinction, so those who have dreams of them should know that it is a dreamlike element loaded with meanings.

However, How should we analyze dreams with cats? Its meaning is based on how the plot evolves, what the cat was like (tiny, babies, large, black, colored …), and your attitude towards the pussycat.

Usually, dreaming of a cat indicates that you have a great intellect and know-how to be guided by instinct.

But it is also a sign of emotional maturity because this animal does not require that you be constantly on top of it and that you do not follow the dogmas established by a society, but that you are faithful to your principles.

Nobility, honor, and charisma are traits that also define cats, although they stand out especially for their frankness since they are very expressive for both good and bad.

In this sense, dreaming of a feline represents that you are trying to show yourself to the world as you are and have tired of hiding your authentic way of being.

  • One of the most accepted meanings about dreams with cats is that you are enjoying moments of serenity, inner peace, and prosperity.
  • When you dream of a cat, you are metaphorically expressing the goals you would like to achieve and the problems you are afraid to face.
  • Felines are also a symbol of heavenly superiority. This animal has been worshiped in all societies. The Egyptians, in some of their gods (or their pets), were cats.

As mentioned before, psychoanalysis can be very diverse depending on what the feline represents for you and your current moment.

That is, the meaning can reflect a good omen (a sign of independence and strength) or bad news (if the cat begins to bite, scratch or attack you).

Therefore, pay attention to your dream, remember all the details, your feeling when you woke up, and what perception you have of normal cats.

Do you like them as a pet? Or do you rather have a phobia or allergy? Below we show you several of the most common meanings.

Black cat in dream meaning and interpretation

black cat in dream
black cat in dream

If you see a black cat in dream, it means that within you, there are fears that you have not overcome. It indicates that you always tend to run away rather than confront him.

Also, a dream about a black cat represents that your subconscious warns you that something terrible may happen soon. However, if you start to face your fears, everything will improve over time.

On the other hand, when we dream of black cats, it is interpreted as concerns that you know are present, yet you “disguise” them to eliminate them from your thoughts.

It can be translated as a lack of security, so you conveniently work on reinforcing your self-esteem.

White cat in dream meaning

white cat dream meaning
white cat dream meaning

Dreaming of white cats has different interpretations:

  • It is a symbol of your wishes, of your most ambitious and almost impossible goals to achieve.
  • If you see a White cat in dream, you wake up badly. It means that you overlook problems in your life, and you should face them before they become more complicated.

For centuries, in the UK, white cats have been an icon of purity of the soul and a rebirth after death.

Did you dream of babies or tiny kittens?

dreaming of kittens
dreaming of kittens

When newborn cats or baby cats appear during sleep, it means that one of the most marked traits of your personality is protectionism.

The pussycat puppy is a metaphor for your baby, for your little sister, who you take great care of. If you want to understand this dream in a more concrete way, stop and think about the emotions that the animal caused in you (you tried to keep it safe, you pampered it with affection, you hugged it, and you felt comforted …)

In addition, a tiny kitten represents your childhood, when you were happier and healthier, so another psychoanalysis refers to your need to pay more attention to your physical and mental health.

It could also be that several small cats appear playing, which represents that you need a break from the overwhelming routine. This animal playing is also interpreted as a sign that you feel loved by your partner or close circles.

What do cats dream about : Dream of many cats

what do cats dream about
what do cats dream about
  • In the case of dreaming of many cats in bed, it is interpreted as that you are making the right decisions and you will obtain juicy benefits in business.
  • When you have dreamed that a few cats move agitatedly without any purpose, it means that you feel lost in life, so you have to focus on your future perspective and plan to return to normality. Another meaning attributed to it is that you cover many problems simultaneously so that your efforts are diluted, and you cannot solve any. You must solve them one by one and forget the ones that do not affect you at all!
  • When you dream of many cats playing in a good mood, it means that you are succeeding thanks to your dedication and your willpower to get ahead.

If you dream of dead cats …

Dreaming of dead cats has a negative interpretation. It usually generates a lot of stress since it is a dreamlike experience related to weakness, the feeling of failure, a lack of energy, and the desire to throw in the towel. It is also a red flag from your subconscious about a possible betrayal of a loved one.

On the other hand, if you kill a feline because it was trying to bite you or attack you, the analysis takes a complete turn and represents that you have defeated all threats.

Dream of a gray cat

Psychoanalysts affirm that the color gray reflects neutrality, that you do not go from one extreme (black) or the other (white). So, when you dream of gray cats, it indicates that you are in a meditative stage, that you are not taking false steps, and that you should even look at the attitude that the cat adopts, as it will help you make the right decisions.

What is the meaning of dreaming that a cat attacks you?

When you have dreamed that a cat attacks you, it symbolizes that there is someone who tries to hurt you in your close circles.

  • If you beat the cat in the dream, it means that you have the tremendous mental strength to face any setback that comes your way.
  • If the cat scares or intimidates you, it means that you need help from a loved one to solve your day-to-day problems. Do not forget that it is an animal that bites, roars and scratches, but despite everything, it is a small animal, and if it manages to create fear during your sleep, it is a sign that you should believe more in yourself.

Dreams in which a cat bites or scratches you

If you dream that a cat bites you, its interpretation is almost identical to that already commented. Analysts comment that it refers to your feeling that a close person wants to deceive you. Maybe they are ambushing you, and your unconscious part has noticed even though you have not seen it.

Likewise, when an aggressive kitten scratches you in your dreams, it means that you are going through a period of fragility and insecurities.

It is killing a cat’s dream meaning.

When you have dreamed of killing a cat that ran after you orbit you, it is a reflection of your guts to face those difficulties or enemies that do not allow you to advance towards your goals.

Dream of a yellow cat

It means that you fear falling ill or that someone you appreciate (family member, friend, partner …) will do it. It is because the color yellow in oncology has always represented health conditions.

Dream of stroking a cat

It is a dream that is related to sensual, to physical pleasure.

Take a good look at the feeling you had when you woke up: when it is calm and joyful, it is interpreted as a new love in your life, although, on the other hand, it could be a sign of pure lust and need for pleasure.

Dream of cats and mice

Mice are one of the most well-known prey of cats (or so we’ve been made known since we were little). For this reason, we have assimilated that these animals are enemies and that if you see them in dreams, it means that within you, there are confronted feelings, actions that you may have done and of which you are not proud.

It also means that you are trying to catch your enemies (represented by the mouse).

Dreaming of cats fighting each other

When in the dream you see two or more cats fighting, it means that around you, there is a bad environment that you do not like at all, but from which it will be difficult for you to escape. There may be many fights between your friends, between your parents …

If you felt sad or sorry during that conflict between the kittens, it indicates that you feel guilty because you have been the one who caused it.

Have you dreamed of colored cats?

When you dream of colored cats, it means that you fear that some of your secrets will be made public, either on a personal level or at work. Another meaning attributed to it is the lack of reason, so you must meditate more on each step you take. Otherwise, you could end up failing miserably.

If you dream of a sick or injured cat …

According to oneirology, dreaming of sick cats represents that the plans are not going as expected, and you get discouraged. Problems in love? A business that does not float? Only you can identify what it is about.

If you dream of loving cats …

The fact of seeing affectionate cats (or even if it is your cat) reflects that you are in a delighted stage where you do not have large-scale concerns or that if you did, you are solving them correctly. The future only awaits your successes.

Did you dream that you put food on an unknown cat?

The meaning of this dream represents adultery because unknown cats are usually beautiful to attract attention and feed them.

So, when dreaming of a cat that is not yours, it means that you have specific desires on a purely physical level, and even if you have a partner, you want to try new things.

Have you dreamed that you saved a cat that was in danger?

It generally indicates that you have a protective personality. Still, it also means that you have influence over other people, that you are “the alpha” of a pack, and that people have respect and admiration for you.

Dream of cats at home

If you dream that an unknown cat shows up at your house, it means that you have a feeling of loneliness, avoid that you would like to fill.

Dreaming that a car runs over your cat

When you dream that a car runs over a cat or that a motorcycle, a bike, or a truck does, it does not mean that it will happen. Your subconscious is simply sending you a signal that there are problems you need to solve.

Also, think about whether you are acting well or whether you should relax your character, as it can have dire consequences such as an unexpected “accident.”

Dreaming that a cat stares at you

If you want to learn the meaning of dreaming of a cat that looks at you with penetrating eyes, stop and think about the emotion that this experience generated in you.

  • If it is a negative feeling, it means that you feel stressed by some person or situation.
  • If it gives you a positive sense, it means that someone is watching over your well-being, and you are grateful for it.

If you dream of cats in the water

It means that you have an attitude that is characterized by effort. Keep chasing your dreams, and everything will work out perfectly.

Have you dreamed of dirty cats?

Its connotations are negative. You have to act fast and get out of your comfort zone to overcome the loss of a loved one, an illness, or a friendship.

Dream of a cat in the window

Some person measures all your actions. It may be a colleague or an enemy. Don’t let him keep spying on you: change your lifestyle to mislead him.

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