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Chakra Numerology Basics

Chakra Numerology (part 2)

As mentioned, in part 1 of  my blog on ‘numerology and the chakras, we can see the correlation of specific numbers to each of the seven energy channels in the body. This post will explore the different vibrational influences of each chakra, their specific color, and location in the body. We will then examine the connection of numerology and the chakras – the energy of each number can stimulate the life and health of each chakra.

Below is my NumeroChakracology examination of the interplay of Chakra and numbers.


Root chakra numerologyFirst Chakra (the Root Chakra)

The Root Chakra resides by the base of the spine. It is associated with the color red.  This chakra connects us to a sense of safety in our bodies, survival in the world and the creation of new beginnings.

The numbers in numerology that are associated with the root chakra are the numbers ‘4’ and ‘1’.

Here we can see 4’s grounding influence. In a healthy root chakra, the root reflects safety and stability, while ‘4’ reflects our foundation so we can build and grow.

The ‘1’ influences the beginning of our essence, soul, and brain, providing the energy to move forward and take chances.

Sacral Chakra numerologySecond Chakra (The Sacral Chakra)

The Root Chakra is situated between the base of the spine and the belly button. It is associated with the color orange. This chakra influences our sensual, sexual and creative nature. The number stimulus is the ‘5’ and the ‘3’.

The number 3 encourages us to open to our creative expression. Here we may enjoy the beauty of our art in its many forms, music and voice without judgement of self or other. The 5 enjoys change and being present in the world as well as inspiring sensuality and sexuality.

solar plexus chakra numerologyThird Chakra (called the Solar Plexus)

The Solar Plexus chakra esides above the belly button and below the breastbone. The color is yellow. Here in-lies the strength of personal power and drive for success – the ability to dynamically move forward with confidence, vitality and ease.

The correlating numbers are 5, 8, and 1.

The charismatic five helps us to be fearless and bold as we joyfully connect with others. The magnetic 8 gives us strength, leadership and power. The ‘1’ is also an influencing energy that encourages us to use our brain and inspiration to step past obstacles and take the lead in new ventures.

A healthy solar plexus is without stagnation or reluctance to be seen. Instead, the energy exuberantly empowers the solar plexus into action and achievement.

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Heart Chakra NumerologyFourth Chakra (The Heart)

The Heart Chakra resides by the heart and lungs. The color is green or pink. This energy is the soft movement of love, compassion, empathy and healing.

The numerology influence is the 6 and 2. The 6 is the healer, encouraging us to see beyond ourselves as we assist others. We can recognize the true essence of love with our partners, family, friends, and community.

The ‘2’ reflects relationships of all kinds, such as romantic, business and the way we treat our environment. Its energy helps us to relate to others in a cooperative, fair and diplomatic way.  When a 4th chakra is unhealthy, we may feel insecure and in fear of what others think — while a healthy balanced 4th chakra shares freely.

Throat Chakra Numerology

Fifth Chakra (the Throat)

The Throat Chakra is about expressing ourselves with our creative voice and spirit. The color is blue.

The inspirational numbers are the 5 and the 3. Here we see the influence of a gentler five, assisting the throat to open and welcome change without fear of judgment. The three encourages us to embrace our gifts and share them with the world. A healthy throat chakra is fearlessly sharing their truth.

Third Eye Chakra Numerology and the chakrasSixth Chakra (the Third Eye).

The Third Eye is the spiritual and intuitive vision of the world through the divine lens. It gives us the ability to see a heavenly perspective reaching far beyond the mundane reality.

The influencing number here is clearly the 7. The spiritual and intuitive seven sees beyond the obvious – and experiences the inner meaning of others speech and actions. The 7 seeks a unique perspective and is fascinated by the unknown.  A healthy third – eye chakra is open to all possibilities and fascinated by what they discover.

crown chakra numerologySeventh Chakra (the Crown)

The Crown Chakra resides above the top of the head. The color is violet. Here is the connection to the universe or source that allows us to transcend our earthly obstacles as we open to a paradigm of endless miracles.

The most influential number here is the transformational 9. The nine is called the ‘spiritual warrior’. Using the 9 energy, the crown chakra can see and transform what currently exists. A healthy crown chakra is without ulterior motives or a desire for power, only curiosity and fascination.

Please note: This write up is a brief summary of the connection of the chakras and their numerical influence. It reflects my own personal impressions as a numerologist. You may have other interpretations from your studies of both chakras and numbers. I look forward to hearing your insights.

So with all this info, what can we do to enhance the health of each chakra and take action towards a more empowering life? Click here for a meditation.

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A special thanks to Wendy McDonald for all her inspiration on this project.

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