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Criminal Futurist insights into mass killer Anders Breivik


In July of 2011, Anders Behring Breivik committed one of the deadliest attacks in Norway’s history, killing 77 people and injuring many more. Breivik was a Norwegian far-right domestic terrorist, who carried out his heinous acts with cold calculation and premeditation.

This case study examines the numerical synchronicities that surrounded the year of the attack and sheds light on Breivik’s core number patterns and sequences. By understanding these unique number sequences, we can gain insights into his Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB] and identify important warning signs along his life journey. If Norwegian security authorities had access to this intelligence at the time of the attack, they would have been better equipped to monitor Breivik and prevent this tragic event.

Anders Behring Breivik, 42, has never shown any remorse…

Breivik, now 42, has never shown remorse for his actions. In 2011, he killed eight people with a car bomb in Oslo before turning his attention to a summer youth camp run by the Labour Party, where he shot 69 mostly teenagers. His sentencing to a maximum of 21 years in prison, a term that can be extended if he is deemed a continued threat to society, did little to assuage the pain of the victims and their families.

Recently, Breivik applied for parole, claiming that he had renounced violence. However, during the hearing, he gave Nazi salutes, casting doubt on his claim. Prosecutor Hulda Karlsdottir argued that he was still “a very dangerous man”, and psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist, who has assessed Breivik several times, maintained that he could not be trusted. The court in Telemark ruled that, as his psychiatric condition had not changed and he still posed a clear danger to society, he would not be released. His lawyer plans to appeal the decision, but Breivik’s lack of remorse and potential for future violence make him a clear threat.

The Breivik case is a sobering reminder of the danger posed by far-right extremism and the importance of vigilant monitoring of individuals who espouse hateful ideologies. The numerical insights offered in this case study provide a unique perspective on the events of 2011 and highlight the potential benefits of incorporating numerology into security assessments.

The date of his mass killing reveals much…

The court said it had “no doubt that [Breivik] still today has the ability to commit new serious crimes that may expose others to danger”. His lawyer Oeystein Storrvik argued that Breivik’s prison conditions made it difficult to prove he could be trustworthy. He said he would appeal against the judge’s unanimous decision, although there is no guarantee that an appeal will be allowed.

As we begin the analytical work of this Breivik criminal futurist case study, there are FOUR headline numbers (4, 22, 7 and 6) that we want you to please remember:

  1. 2011 – the year of his mass killings, is Number 4 [2011 = 2+0+1+1 = 4; 4//4]
  2. 22nd – the day of his mass killings, is Number 22//4 [22 = 2+2 = 4; 22//4]
  3. July – the month of his mass killings, is Number 7 [July is 7th month of the year]
  4. 22 July 2011 is Number 6 [22+7+2011 = 2040 = 2+0+4+0 = 6; 2040//6]

Criminal Futurist insights into mass killer Anders Breivik: What do his numbers reveal?

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The mass killings happened on the 22nd of July 2011 and the four important numbers we asked you to remember around this date, were 4, 22, 7 and 6. Looking at the above chart, the crucial question to ask is: “Do any of these numbers present in the core numbers of Breivik’s birth number sequence?” The answer is “Yes they do and in critically significant positions.”

Important birth code sequence for mass killer, Anders Breivik

  • Birth DD: this reveals ABBs personal sequence: 13//4 [number 4 synchronicity (1)]
  • Birth MM: Feb [2] which for ABB then has a “shadow or emotional” 7 underneath [number 7 synchronicity (2)]
  • Sun / Personal Attainment [TKSPE]: DD+MM = 13+2 = 15//6 [number 6 synchronicity (3)]
  • Shadow Life Path [TSS-LFP]: 13//4 [number 4 synchronicity (4)] as well as number 22 synchronicity because 13//4 is the unyielding, my way or the highway, dictatorial karmic octave of number 22 [number 22 synchronicity (5)].
  • Shadow Career Attainment [TSSPR]: 6//6 [number 6 synchronicity (6)]

The cynic, the sceptic, and the Autistic…

A simple criminal futurist test and learn analysis like the one done above, reveals that the date [22.07.2011] of Breivik’s mass killing had SIX POINTS of synchronicity in play around his date of birth. What this means is that the numbers that were flowing on that fateful day were targeting his massively date of birth wise! Is this just a sheer random coincidence?

The Cynic would say “No, this is utter rubbish!” Sadly, cynicism holds true for most people because they simply cannot open their minds to the irrefutable truth that every human has a numbers-driven intelligent mathematical blueprint [IMB] that is directly affected by the ever-changing invisible numerical cocktail that swirls around us, to us and through us, each day!

The Sceptic would say “You have my attention, but you need to provide me with much more proof in you are to convince me that IMBs exist.”

The Autistic: Chris Styles, a human futurist researcher clinically diagnosed with Aspergers who scores high on the autism spectrum, knows that IMBs exist because he has proven this. He is obsessed with number sequences and patterns. He loves to use numbers, sequences, and patterns to try to understand why events happened as they did, when they did. To Chris, a hextuple [6x] synchronicity like that which happened around Anders Breivik on 22 July 2011, is a numerical intelligence rich gold mine which could provide new strategic insights into better managing the societal risks posed by known extremists like Breivik!

“I prayed for the first time in a very long time today. I explained to God that unless he wanted the Marxist-Islamic alliance and the certain Islamic takeover of Europe to completely annihilate European Christendom within the next hundred years he must ensure that the warriors fighting for the preservation of European Christendom prevail.” Anders Behring Breivik

Criminal Futurist insights into mass killer Anders Breivik: let’s analyse more of his numbers…

Anders Breivik, future crime research, predictive human models, 365 Pin Code, Criminal Case Studies, Criminal Futurist insights into mass killer Anders Breivik

The above table, which interrogates his full birth name, Anders Behring Breivik [ABB] reveals an additional EIGHT POINTS of synchronicity within his IMB that synchronise with the four numbers we asked you to remember: 4, 22, 7 and 6. This 8 when added to the earlier 6, brings the total points of synchronicity that were fully activated within Breivik’s IMB on 22 July 2011, to 14. That is massive, in fact it is more than massive it is off the charts!

Number 6 synchronicities

Earlier we revealed that the unique sequence of that dreadful mass killing day was 2040//6 [number 6]. See the RED arrow in the above table? It is pointing to the Number 6. The No6 is completely missing from Breivik’s full birth name, making it a karmic or key life lesson for him pertaining to community, relationships, responsibility, people, matters of the heart, loyalty.

  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs mass killings happened on a universal No6 day, which synchronises with his No6 key life (karmic) lesson?
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs shadow or emotional career (TSSPR) attainment sequence is 6//6? See birth chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs SUN or personal attainment sequence (TKSPE) is 15//6? See birth chart.

Number 4 synchronicities

The day of the killings, the 22nd [22 = 2+2 = 4; 22//4] brings the No4 energy into play. The year of the killings, 2011 [2011 = 2+0+1+1 = 4] yet again brings the No4 energy into play. No4 as discussed, is a practical, ruthless, rigid, dogmatic, dictatorial, my way or the highway, get it done, law and order type energy that thrives on careful planning and clinical execution.

  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABB is born on the 13th [13//4] which is a No4 energy? See birth chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABB has a No4 [13//4] shadow or emotional life path? See birth chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABB has a No4 [13//4] primary personality? See name inclusion chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs surname, Breivik, has sequence 40//4? See name inclusion chart.

Number 7 synchronicities

The month the killings happened was July, which is the 7th month of the year, therefore bringing the No7 into play. No7 is cold, clinical, analytical, logical, emotionless, detached, information driven and intelligent and has as its very dark side, secrecy (impossibly difficult to get an accurate read because of how detached it is).

  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs shadow or emotional family number is a 7? See birth chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs first name, Anders, has the sequence 25//7? See name inclusion chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs two maturity numbers are both 7s? See name inclusion chart.
  • Does it not strike you as being odd that ABBs subconscious-self (that which lies beneath, like an iceberg, 4% of visibly above, 96% invisibly below) number is a 7?

Has all the above maybe got you thinking that the day of the mass killings [22 July 2011] was not just a “random day” in the life journey of Anders Breivik, but was in fact a “perfect numerical storm” whose complex cocktail helped to unleash all the rage and darkness that festered deep within him? Breivik underwent his first examination by court-appointed forensic psychiatrists in 2011. The psychiatrists diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia, concluding that he had developed the disorder over time and was psychotic both when he carried out the attacks and during the observation.

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