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Daily Forecast for the Month of May Through Numerology

Daily Forecast for the Month of May
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Are you wondering which day is best to organize a party or a meditative zoom session? Let’s take a look at the daily forecast for the month of May through numerology.

To find the theme for each day in May, simply add the month and day to the current year. Keep in mind that the 5 month of May has a specific energy of change and connecting with others in a vibrant way. Are you feeling the change? Are you getting out there more?

To find the daily forecast for the month of May in 2021, follow this simple formula:

Add the month + the day + the year. Add each number separately.

For example, calculate May 1, 2021 in this way.

5+1+2+0+2+1 =11

11 is a master number. When two numbers are the same, they are called master numbers because they are double the number and therefore a very powerful day. (See definition of the 11 day below.)

However, May 19, 2021:does not end up to be an 11. Instead, it is a 2.

5+1+9+2+0+2+1 = 20/2 (not 11)

If you are planning an event or a class, for instance, it is good to see what the vibe is for that day.

Check out below the effect of each day for you in the month of May. As you learn about each number’s influence, you might keep a daily journal by asking yourself “how can I change or be out their more today”?

May’s Daily Forecast for the Month

May 1: 5+1+2+0+2+1 = 11. A magical day with the master vibration 11 will be inspiring to all. It can be a time to motivate others and yourself. Begin something new or get involved in a group that has an important message.

May 2: 5+2+2+0+2+1 = 12/3. This a three day, a day of creativity and self- expression. A great time for a creative project, be it painting your barn, working in the garden, or singing with friends.

May 3: 5+3+2+0+2+1 = 13/4. The four day is a day of building and organizing. It is a great time for accomplishing a project or starting a new one.

May 4: 5+4+2+0+2+1 = 14/5. The 14/5 has two different sets of energies. One is the 5 which generates an enlivened social appreciation for participating and having fun with others. Therefore, if you are finding yourself isolating at this time, be sure to get out and at least take a walk and say hello to people. It is great day for planning a gathering with others, whether it is yoga, eating outside, or a social distanced party.

Note: The 14/5 is considered a day of karmic freedom. It may be a day to delve into your past and see what is coming up in your psyche. This awareness can be an important lesson for you.  It might enlighten you to find out what you are holding back in order to tap into the free soul you are destined to be.

May 5: 3 fives! 5/5/5 (2+0+2+1=5). Make this day spontaneous. Wake up and say, what shall I do today? Who will I meet? Have fun in your spontaneity and enlivened energy. May 5 is a 6 day. Six is all about love, companionship, and compassion. It is a day to be with your loved ones, your family, your friends, and your community.

May 6: 16/7. Seven is the day of spiritual connection and unique non-conformity. This can be a day to connect with yourself, perhaps by the river, or your own private space. You may choose to write or meditate. It can also be a time to connect with that special other in an intimate atmosphere.

May 7: 17/8. The eight day is a powerful time of abundance and leadership. Get out there and lead in some way. It can also be a day of much energy and charisma.  Of course, you need to step out and be bold, which may be a challenge for some of you.

May 8: 18/9.  The nine is a day of enlightenment, a day of transformation, change, and completion. It is a good moment for meditation, or to go on a retreat. It could be a time to come up with an idea that you have never thought of before, and then conceive of how to manifest it.

Note: an 18/9 day is an auspicious day and the vibration of the spiritual warrior —reaching into the void and viewing what is next.

May 9: 19/1. The one day is a new beginning, a fresh breath of approaching life. It can be a day where you boldly step out and say “anything is possible today, if I put my mind to it”. This day can offer an opportunity to launch an idea, or to create an innovative project.

May 19:  20/2The two day is about relationships of all kinds- romantic, career, and everyday people you meet on the street. How will you relate? Is love in the air?


How will the energy of each day affect you, your friends and family, and the rest of the world?

For the remainder days in the month of May, discover the vibration of the number from the definitions above. Let this energy guide your day. Perhaps put the spiritual meaning of each day on your calendar and when you wake up in the morning say a mantra that will encourage the energy of the day.

Here is a table showing the Daily forecast number for the month of May.

Daily Forecast for the Month of May

Thank you so much for everything. You have brought so much insight into my life.  I feel better prepared and EMPOWERED:) to start this new journey.  Thank u!!”  ~ Marissa. MD

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