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Do You Have a Master Karmic Number?

Were you born with a master karmic number? To find your life purpose number, add the birthday month, day, and year separately. If the sum adds to a double-digit number, do not reduce it because the master numbers have a very powerful influence.
Example: Meryl Streep – Born June 22, 1949

Add like so: 6+2+2+1+9+4+9 = 33/6 The master life purpose number is 33.

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Karmic Master numbersThe Karmic Destiny of Master Numbers

If you have a master number, the possibilities in what you do in your life are limitless. They are designed to open to a powerful life, inspiring others. No worries if you do not feel or desire the intensity of this energy. It is a big ask. The challenge is to expand your vision, be bold and step out of your comfort zone.

If the journey of empowerment is not met, life could be a disappointing one. The lesson is to let go of ego as you share your gifts. Shadow: withdrawal, procrastination, and/or fantasy. Whatever the choice, your lessons are here for you to experience in this lifetime.

Examples of a Master Destiny Journey
11 – Barack and Michelle Obama
22 – Opera Singer, Pavarotti and Writer, Director, Shonda Rhimes
33 – Actors Robert DeNiro and Meryl Streep
44 – Swedish singer and music producer, Tim Bergling (was known as Avicii)

Is your life’s purpose a master number?

Below are the explanations and suggested mantras. You may consider starting a daily journal about what you have learned in the journey of your master number.

11 – The journey of master 11 is divine leadership and inspiration. The gift is tapping into the brilliance of the universe, perceiving, and manifesting new ideas and thoughts
Mantra: I gracefully walk the path of the unknown as I learn and speak the brilliance that is shown to me.

22 —is the path of the master arbitrator, counselor, healer, and builder.
Mantra: I ignite the torch of discovery and healing within my world.

33 —is the master number of dynamic creativity and service. This unique and supportive self-expression can open the eyes and hearts of others to see and feel differently.
Mantra: Ecstatically and lovingly, I share my creative essence with the world.

44 — is the magnificent station master, architect, and alchemist who can transform an original idea or structure into form. This charismatic leader can inspire and empower others towards action.
Mantra: I have a vibrant life of magnificence and I humbly serve.

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