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Does Your Birth Name Number Express the True You?

Your birth name number, according to numerology, can be a blueprint to how you succeed in the world.

madonna numerology expression number
By Chris Weber – Madonna Rebel Heart-Tour

The numerology expression number is one of the key features in your name. It defines your creative voice and the ability to share your spirit with others.

For example, if you have a ‘1’ expression number, your gift is leadership and people will feel moved to follow you. Of course, not everyone will be attracted to how you express yourself and you will not be moved by everyone’s distinctive voice. You may even be turned off by another’s expression.

The Formula

To begin, use the numerology Pythagoras chart below. Add the alpha-numerical letters in your birth name. Next, use the same formula to the name you are usually called. These two ‘expression’ energies will affect how you share and communicate with others.

birth name number

The energy of your birth name number can be your brilliance or your challenge. You came into this life to experience it all.

As a numerologist, I have found that the two expression numbers are usually compatible to each other.

Yet, when the two names seem to clash, I often get a phone call to assist in a name change. (If this describes you, see my ‘change my name’ numerology readings.) To illustrate, I use the examples of three celebrities who changed their name. As a result, a completely new persona was created.

Once you have calculated your two or three names, find the brief description of your expression number below. Do you think that the two numbers assist you or frustrate you?

Definitions of Expression Numbers

1 – confident/inspiring/leader
2 – diplomat/romantic/thoughtful
3 – creative and joyful
4 – organized and a builder
5 – energetic, and charismatic
6 – compassionate and understanding
7 – spiritual, unique, and mysterious
8 – powerful and successful
9 – inspired by transformation and the bigger picture

Master numbers

When two numbers are the same, they have a powerful influence on how you share your creative voice. (See Marilyn Monroe below.)

11 – Divine inspiration and leadership
22 – The master connector and builder
33 – Mastery of creative expression and service

Below are examples of three celebrities who changed their name and created quite a different persona.

1 & 11 Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe
A photo of Marilyn Monroe taken by David Conover in mid-1944 at the Radioplane Company

Well, it goes without saying that Norma Jeane Mortenson was not a very vibrant name. Marilyn Monroe was Norma Jeane during the war effort (see photo), Never-the-less, Norma’s expression number has a master 11 vibration. The 11 gave her the natural ability to be dynamic and unforgettable.

Marilyn Monroe numerology
Marilyn_Monroe_movie ‘Niagara’ Wikipedia

The name Marilyn Monroe, of course, was more vibrant for a movie personality. Her physical transformation also helped. The’1′ expression number is the dynamic leader amongst many beauties in the world. There is only one Marilyn Monroe – never forgotten in history long after her death.

Marilyn Monroe Numerology birthname number

2 & 5— Elton John

Elton John numerology birth name number
By Unknown – Pelo magazine #13, 1971 (Wikipedia)

It is well known that Elton John had a rough childhood and felt like he was not truly recognized as the vibrant personality he is today. Originally born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, he had the very quiet expression birthname number of  ‘2’. The ‘two‘ is not an easy expression to be out there in the public eye.

As Elton John, he has a ‘5’ expression #. How perfect! The five expression is the dynamic performer, not afraid to be out on stage in wild costumes. With his new name, Elton gathered the confidence to display his musical vision in voice and writing songs.

Elton John numerology birthname expression number

6 & 8— Madonna

Madonna has a 6 and an 8 expression number. Good thing, because with a ‘six expression birth name number, she can be very endearing, and people will want to be near her. The 8 gives her a dynamic presence as a successful performer with a huge range of fans.

Madonna Numerology birthname number

What are your expression numbers? Do they give you the strength or the challenge to share your unique gifts in the world?

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