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Don’t Miss Out on the Power of 2/22/22

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Have you noticed that a lot of big release dates aren’t random?

Numerologically speaking, there’s significance to times and dates across the board. It’s no error that creative projects are often launched on the 11th or 22nd of the month. In numerology, the 11 and 22 are Master numbers and carry a heightened frequency and energetic presence.

Movies, books, products, and services often make their way onto the market on a day that’s obviously not a random decision to those in charge of marketing.

Kanye West is releasing Donda 2 on 2/22/2022 – and he is himself a 2 Life Path.

In numerology, repeating numbers are often called Angel Numbers. You don’t have to be totally “Woo-Woo” to know that there is something special happening when repeating numbers show up.

I have had clients who come to me specially because they keep seeing the same repeating number sequences and finally break down and book a session with a numerologist to find out why. People sometimes feel a little crazy when numbers follow them around!

The great news here is that repeating numbers are always providing a message. You simply need to understand the code!

What’s all the hub-bub about 2/22/22?

The number 2 is all about patient progress with a focus on connection, love, and relationships.

When the 2 shows up as a repeating number sequence, it contains a possibility of an important connection or union on the horizon or already in the works. It’s pointing out the necessity to bring “two things” together in order to merge into something new.

It asks for harmony, balance, and patient connection with yourself and with others. If you’ve been struggling with riding solo (whether it’s in your personal or professional life), the 2’s message is to pay attention to your urge to merge!

The message here is empowerment comes when you engage with community, group activities, or when you open yourself to a healthy and loving intimate relationship.

The zero (in 2022) is an intensifier. In numerology, the zero is almost like a Master number insofar as it amplifies whatever it comes in contact with – in this case, the repeating 2.

Numerology isn’t just words. It’s not simply a suggestion or a description to ponder with the intellect. Numerology indicates energy that comes to fruition through a vibrational frequency. Therefore, it energetically sets up the environment by bringing in happenings, experiences, people, and opportunities that are in alignment with that coded purpose.

When repeating numbers show up as a specific date, this sets the frequency for that date. It’s a portal of energy – an opening, a doorway, a bridge. The high frequency of the repeating numbers allows us to ride the tail wind that the energy of the number offers – as if you were drafting in a pro-bicycle race.

If that’s not enough, 2/22/22 hold even more volume.

February 2022 jumps-starts with a New Moon in Aquarius and with many planets that have been retrograde turning direct. Where the energies of life seem to have been clunking along in January, February feels like a sweet release.

February 22, 2022 is also the last of a sequence of three repeating 222 days of the century.

2/2/2022 and 2/20/2022 usher in the grand finalé that takes place on 2/22/22.

We won’t see this sequence of repeating 2’s again until 2/2/2222.  

If we look at 2/22/22 as a repetition of the Master number 22, this is a powerhouse portal for manifestation. The 22 is the Master Builder and so if you set clear directives on this day (write them down!), the energy supports and expands your focused intentions.

What’s the practical take-away? Love leads the way when the repeating 2’s make an appearance! Tap into a win/win mind-set. Use the energy of 2/22/22 to open yourself to partnerships, collaborations, identifying and strengthening your “tribe” or community. Ready to trust and recognize your intuitive voice? This portal offers huge breakthroughs with advancing your intuitive abilities.

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