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Dream about a rat meaning and interpretation

Dream about a rat meaning

The rat is rarely anyone’s favorite pet. Moreover, it is a rodent that generates modesty, disgust and even fear because it transmits diseases. But it must also be said that it has a great capacity to adapt to circumstances (living in extreme conditions, in sewers, feeding on garbage …).

In this sense, dreaming of rats can be good or bad depending on what happens during the dream itself. Everything will depend on what your habits are, on the idea you have of the rodent itself and the situation you are currently going through.

In the event that a rat has passed in front of you, that one has appeared in your house or you have an extreme fear of mice , having it so internalized it is not surprising that you suffer dreams related to these rodents, because it is a animal that causes you a very high emotional impact.

However, if you have not seen any rats lately or have any special fear of them, it is quite likely that there is an interpretation behind your dream that you should know. Here are the different meanings of dreaming about rats.

Meaning of dreaming about rats

Psychologists say that dreaming of rats is also related to personal dilemmas, with that impure and immoral side that is so difficult to polish, and that is why it causes us discomfort when we get up the next morning.

It is also related to the presence of toxic people , with betrayals, problems and threats .

But in some cases the interpretation can be positive. Almost everyone thinks that dreaming of rats is synonymous with problems.

This is not always the case, since in dreams with animals you are simply  expressing your aspirations, concerns and ideologies , through the idea you have of said animal.

Think that rats are characterized by their independence and adapt to practically all ecosystems. Hence, rats are associated with positive personality traits, such as the ability to create your future for yourself or adjust to unexpected changes.

In summary, as we explained above, the meanings are very different from each other depending on the stage you are currently going through and the characteristics of the dream itself.

That is to say, only you can know which is the interpretation that best fits in your case. Here we are going to teach you some specific meanings that the subconscious can show you when dreaming about rats.

Interpretation of the most common dreams with rats

Delving into its meaning, first of all you have to ask yourself a series of questions:

  • How big is the rat? What color is it?
  • Are they many or few?
  • What emotions did the fact of seeing a rat in your dreams provoke in you?
  • How did you and the animal act?

In this way, you will better understand your concerns.

Dream of small rats

It is a way for the subconscious to tell you that you have some concerns that will not take much time , but that you have to resolve them before they become serious.

Dream about big rats

Your problems are much more serious than you think . A dream with large or giant rats portends bad omens, lies, deceptions and even serious conditions.

Dream of white rats

Seeing that these animals are white is associated with a great event that is about to happen , and that this event bodes well. Now, for it to happen, you have to behave honestly and generously with others.

Dream of gray rats

Gray is a middle ground between black and white, plus most rats tend to be gray. Therefore, if you have this type of dream, it means that it is difficult for you to externalize your emotions , that you do not usually give your opinion because by not being radical, you do not make yourself known and they do not take you into account.

Dream of black rats

Its symbolism is negative. If you have dreamed of one or more black rats, it means that a catastrophe will soon occur such as losing your partner, getting fired, being betrayed by a loved one, or worries not being resolved for a long time.

Dream of yellow rats

It is one of the worst dreams you can have, since they are the omen of severe diseases and pathologies.

Have you dreamed of being bitten by a rat?

The meaning of this dream speaks of people who are taking advantage of you , who even give you their trust but only to take advantage of your privileged position, and when they have what they want … they will do you a lot of harm.

Do not trust those who give you the slightest doubt.

If you dream that a rat is chasing you …

When in the dream there is a rat chasing you, it is interpreted as that you have too many problems , concerns and even lack of self-esteem that does not allow you to rest. Some situation overwhelms you and you do not see yourself able to stand up to it.

Have you dreamed of dead rats?

When you dream that you see dead rats, it represents that there is something in your life that is in danger of disappearing , such as your partner, your best friend or in the economic sphere, a business.

On the other hand, if you feel that this animal is a threat to you and your happiness, the fact of seeing it dead means that you strive to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

Dream About Killing Rats

Although there are those who really feel disgusted by this nightmare, in reality its meaning is very positive . The normal thing is that rats associate with harmful people, threats and betrayals, hence if you kill them it means that you are expelling the problems of your life.

That which affected you, that prevented you from resting … is gone. You have an exemplary attitude and you are brave to stay away from those who want to hurt you, from those people who have never respected you.

Dream of many rats

When you appreciate that there are too many rats lurking around you, it refers to your financial situation hanging by a thread, apart from the fact that you could suffer liens if you do not cover the holes of waste.

Have you dreamed of rats in your house?

When you have dreamed of many rats in my house , the meaning is positive, since these rodents seek shelter in the best possible place, so if they have chosen your home it means that you are on the right track.

Dream of rats in bed

Dreaming of a rat in bed is an indication that you are overwhelmed when those intimacies or aspects of your personality that embarrass you come to light.

That is why the rodent appears in such a personal place, a place where you sleep, take a nap, listen to music while lying down, read and forget everything.

The rat symbolizes that you must get rid of certain concerns because they are more important than you imagine, and if not, that you must resolve them but without overwhelming yourself.

Do you fight with your partner? Are you afraid of being fired? Trouble paying taxes? Those worries are the real rats in your life …

Were there rats and cats?

Dreaming of rats and cats means that you are overcoming problems and begin to enjoy a period of calm and joy, since rats symbolize the problem and cats the solution.

Dream About Eating Rats

If you dream of eating live rats , your interpretation is very negative; It represents that within you there is a worry that is affecting you too much, or that you have regrets for having acted in a way that you are not proud of.

Dream of baby rats

Dreams in which you see a newborn rat can mean two things.

  • If it produces feelings of tenderness , it indicates that a maternal instinct is brewing within you, possibly because you want to have a baby.
  • If he disgusted you or respected you , it is a symbol that new problems are emerging that if you do not nip them in the bud, they can get bigger over time.

If you dream of rats in clothes …

There may be people talking about you behind your back, but those comments gradually penetrate you until you hurt yourself and dream that rats are climbing on your clothes, pants, etc.

Dreaming that you chase rats to kill them

You are close to solving that problem that has caused you so many problems in recent weeks. You have to try a little harder and in the end you will be able to get rid of it . Do not give up, because soon you will have achieved it. You are a person who acts up front, fair and you do not want anyone to mess up your life.

Dream of running rats

When you dream of running rats it is negative, although this warning from your subconscious is interesting for you to realize that there are setbacks that you must face .

If you have argued with your partner, if lately you do not understand with someone, if they are trying to make your life impossible or if you have outstanding debts to settle. Your mind alerts you to take courage and face difficulties!

Dream About Brown Rats

It means that there is something in your life that is not working well , that is rotting. It indicates that you should get rid of toxic things and people, completely get away from everything that makes you suffer.

In life you will meet jealous, spiteful and bad people who will not mind hurting you, and a sign that you have run into these types of people is through dreams about brown rats.

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