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FULL MOON ⚠ ALERT 🌕 Leo Full Moon Forecast (Jan 28, 2021)

5 Metaphysical Myths Discredited

The New Age marketplace includes lots of honorable people truly making every effort to use genuine self-help and spiritual methods to aid others and also make this globe a far better place. Nevertheless, it additionally includes its share of scammer.

Sacrifice and Survival (Armistice Day 2018)

“(Jesus) took a seat opposite the treasury, as well as watched the group placing cash intothe treasury. Many rich people placed in large amounts. 42A bad widow came as well as put intwo small copper coins, which deserve a dime.

How Hard for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom (Mark 10:17-31)

“After that Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it will certainly be for those who have riches to get in the kingdom of God!”” (Mark 10:23) Recently I wasn’t at my article at Holy Trinity. I was out in the shrub, leading a little but bold army of wilderness warriors in a series of death-defying challenges, aimed at conquering their severe setting.

Encountering the Other (A Sermon on Job 24:3-6)

3 You asked, ‘That is this that covers my strategies without knowledge?’ Surely, I mentioned things I did not recognize, points also fantastic for me to understand. 4 “You said, ‘Pay attention currently, and also I will speak; I will certainly examine you, as well as you shall address me.

The Secular Side of God (A Sermon on Esther)

“When the king returned from the royal residence yard to the banquet hall, Haman hadthrown himself on the couch where Esther was reclining; and also the king stated, “Willhe also assault the queen in my visibility, in my own residence?” As the words leftthe mouth of the king, they covered Haman’s face.” (Esther 7:8) It’s hard to stay clear of guide of Esther when it appears in the lectionary every 3 years, as well as yet, the extra usually this book comes around, the less comfy I feel preaching on it.

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