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Full Moon in Aquarius Forecast (July 23, 2021) With Kelli Fox (Astrology.TV)

Storage Pallets and a Spiritual Acceptance Opportunity

Saturday morning is a work early morning, yet a recent one was unique. I had my buddy (three-year-old boy) accompany me. We went to Bunnings Storehouse to select up some made use of storage space pallets.

God Is Working Here

I saw it on my early morning stroll, in a bird drying itself on a rock on a bank of the Canning River. I felt it in my spirit as God ministered in the silence in between a dear close friend that’s suffering and also I. I have, sometimes, sensed there was a pervading and also veritable darkness that hovered due to a regarded absence of it. But I heard it, as well, as I talked with another dear ministry good friend as he showed me exactly how he has actually seen God functioning in his midst, in means he would not have seen had negative things not took place.

Letting Go: Homecoming to the Heart

Releasing opens us up to experience as well as symbolize the immensity within. It links us with our much deeper, more innovative self. However allowing go it’s a journey, a procedure of transformation where one need to hold on as well as allow go in the very same time to accomplish mastery and also equilibrium.

Judgment: Where Do We Stand?

We all will certainly be judged at the seat of reasoning of Christ.A great plethora, yet no one will certainly be shed in the group, (Rev. 7:9) stated, “Hereafter I laid eyes on, and also, Lo, an excellent multitude, which no guy can number, of all countries, and also kindred, as well as people, and tongues stood prior to the throne, and also prior to the Lamb, outfitted with white bathrobes, and palms in their hands; We will understand the great number which no man can number, and also yet be impressed with our originality. For we have to all show up one by one.”

Christ, the Rock of Ages

In developing us and also God being a soiled rock we can put our count on him as well as stand on the rock in times of difficulties. The rock is right here to stay and also we can continue to walk on that particular rock in the middle of darkness. The opponent is effective, however not powerful enough to destroy the rock of ages. Jesus Christ is the rock of our redemption, “for in him we live, and also action and have our being,” (Acts 17:28).

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