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How to Calculate Your Numerology Expression Number (and Interpret It)

Your numerology Expression number (or destiny number) is one of the most important in numerology — and life.

By doing a simple calculation, you can discover your best skills, which are like your super powers!

Some people even discover that they have a hidden talent!

Your Expression number can also reveal potential challenges, both emotional and spiritual.

learn your numerology expression number

What is an Expression Number?

Numerology believes that your parents could sense your energy before you were born; that they used their intuition to choose a name that matched your energy.

In other words, your name is not random. There is a divine reason for it (which is also why it’s known as your destiny number).

Cool, right?

Your Expression number can give you in-depth insight about:

  • The skills you’re good at. You can then use these ninja skills to succeed at a job you love.
  • Your natural gifts and talents. Did your parents always say you were a nurturer? You might make a great counselor! Discover your gifts and talents to help others, and spread good in the world.
  • Potential life “pitfalls.” Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges you face in life.

Your numerology Expression number is like a GPS of yourself… It helps you understand yourself on a deep, soulful level.

So organization isn’t your thing, but you have a gentle and compassionate heart! Forget Kon-Mariying your closet. Volunteer at the animal shelter instead. It will make your soul sing!

Now that you know what the expression number is, let’s calculate it. It’s simple!

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How to Calculate Your Expression Number

1. Write out your full birth name

Use the name that’s on your birth certificate, and include your middle name if you have one. Don’t use a married or changed name, or a nickname (even if it’s a cool one like Lady Gaga).

We’ll use the name Sally Anne Smith for our example.

2. Write down the numerical value of each letter

Use the numerology chart below to do this. You can also download the chart.

  • Sally: S(1), A(1), L(3), L(3), Y(7) = 15
  • Anne: A(1), N(5), N(5), E(5) = 16
  • Smith: S(1), M(4), I(9), T(2), H(8) = 24

3. Add the numbers together

15 + 16 + 24 = 55

If the number equals 11 or 22, stop. These are Master Numbers.

Sally’s number is 55, so we need to keep adding until we get a single digit:

  • 55: 5 + 5 = 10
  • Since 10 is not a single digit, add again: 1 + 0 = 1

Sally Ann Smith’s Expression number is 1. 

Got your numerology expression number?

Great, let’s move on to the next step — understanding what it all means!

numerology chartThe Meaning of Your Expression Number

It’s time to use your Expression number to get some major insight about yourself.

Quick recap:

  • Your expression number reveals your skills and talents — even some hidden ones! (Are you using all of your gifts? Unless you’re Lady Gaga, probably not.)
  • This number also gives you the scoop on possible emotional and spiritual challenges.

Now that you’ve got your Expression number, it’s time to use that knowledge to help create the life you want!

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Expression Number 1 Meaning

You have a strong personality, and an even stronger will and determination.

You’re not one to sit on the sidelines. Instead, you’re the one taking the bull by the horns when things need to get done!

As a mover and shaker, you accomplish what you set out to. (You would make a fantastic CEO or inspirational speaker.)

Potential challenges:

  • Trying not to become insecure if you “fail” at something.
  • Also be mindful not to dominate others with your motivated personality.

Meditation can be super helpful for overcoming these challenges, and learning to relax and let go.

numerology number 1 personality traits

Number 2

You’re not only highly intuitive, you’re also the epitome of class, grace, and charisma.

With your powerful, yet quiet strength, you know how to influence an individual — or a crowd!

For example, it would be easy for you to persuade your BFF to dump her cheating boyfriend, and then inspire her to get a fab makeover… all in the same day!

Learn the traits and purpose of the number 2

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Potential pitfall:

  • One of the biggest challenges for a numerology number two is not to take things too personally. Worrying about what others think of you can be a roadblock to joy.

Journaling and gratitude lists can be powerful ways for 2’s to embrace their Zen side!

numerology number 2 personality traits and characteristics

Number 3

Your charming attitude is contagious, and people are drawn to your upbeat and fun-loving personality.

Of course, they are also drawn to your looks and impeccable taste!

You’re able to go with the flow and don’t want to be tied down to a set schedule.

Because you have an extroverted and creative nature, you like to feel free! And with your “gift of the gab” you excel at working with people.

Potential pitfall:

  • Taking on too much. This can leave you tired and feeling reclusive. A regular meditation practice and focusing on one thing at a time can help combat overwhelm. Learn more about the number 3.

numerology number 3 traits

Destiny Number 4 Meaning

The world would be chaos without your hard work, organization, and attention to detail.

You’re that person that excels at everything and makes it look easy. People may say to you, “How do you do it?!”

Not only trustworthy and smart, you’re a loyal friend with a big heart that everyone counts on to get them home after a night at the pub.

Life challenge:

  • You may feel unsatisfied if you have to perform mundane tasks at your job. Learning to let go and delegate tasks can help.

numerology number 4 personality traits

Number 5 Meaning

You’re the person that others secretly envy because you live each day to the fullest and see it as a new adventure.

You are intuitive, loving, and live a life of gratitude. And while you are a free-spirit, you’re not afraid to be firm and stand up for the underdog.

Potential limitations:

  • You desire freedom so much that you may find yourself job-hopping or being impulsive. Yoga or meditation (yep, you’ll hardly find an article here that doesn’t encourage meditation) can help you slow down.

numerology number 5 personality traits

Destiny Number 6

As the most peaceful and compassionate number in numerology, your heart is full of so much love.

Your friends know they can count on your wisdom and advice, as it will guide them out of the dark. Nursing and healer are two careers that you would excel in!

Potential pitfalls:

  • Be mindful not to come off as bossy or pushy when trying to help.
  • Remember to take care of yourself, too. Reading inspiring books by authors like Wayne Dyer can help.

numerology number 6 traits

Expression Number 7 Meaning

You are a deep thinker with an intuitive and analytical mind.

Though the world sees you as quiet, you are often “in your head,” pondering everything from science to the meaning of life.

Potential challenge:

  • You may be uncomfortable with your feelings or expressing them. To combat insecurity and boost your confidence, try focusing on how far you’ve come! Recommended book: The Power of Positive Thinking

numerology number 7 traits

Expression Number 8

You’re a powerhouse and can be successful in anything you set your mind to — especially with your leadership skills and great instincts!

You are willing to take risks and make bold moves to reach your goal. If you get knocked down, you get back up and don’t quit.

Potential pitfall:

  • Becoming a workaholic. You will be happiest when you balance your career and family life.

numerology number 8 traits

What Does the Expression Number 9 Mean?

A sense of justice fills your core, and you see the good in the world because of your ‘old soul’ nature. You’re the first to show up at a peace rally or fight for equal rights!

Anyone would be happy to have you as a friend because you are loyal, passionate, and non-judgmental.

Life challenge:

  • To prevent resentment or burnout, be sure to practice good self-care. You matter, too! Take a bubble bath, or meditate while diffusing some lavender oil!

numerology number 9 personality

Master Number 11

You have a magnificent aura, and are intuitively gifted and empathic… which may be why you never felt like you fit in.

Your unique energy draws people in and makes them feel uplifted and inspired.

A gentle and sensitive soul, you crave alone time so you can tap into your creative nature.

Learn the fascinating life purpose of Number 11.

Potential pitfall:

  • Your sensitive nature and strong energy can make you feel anxious. To combat anxiety, it can be helpful to
    • Learn how to ground yourself
    • Learn to protect yourself from negative energy
    • Meditate

numerology master number 11 traits

Master Number 22

Psychically gifted, you have the strongest and most spiritual number in numerology!

But even though you have radiant energy that is here to inspire humanity, you are humble and grounded.

As a true visionary, you simply need to step into your power to manifest your limitless potential.

Life challenges:

  • For the most joyful life, be mindful of what you think and talk about. Remember, you’re a loving soul with divine energy. When in doubt, think LOVE!
  • Also remember that you weren’t born a spiritual guru. It’s okay to take your time coming into your full Master number 22 potential! Be sure to love and be compassionate towards yourself, too!

Expression Number Takeaways

Can you see, now, how powerful your expression number is?

One little spelling change of your name could tell a whole different story!

If your parents had named you Tracy with an “e” instead of without, it could have totally switched things up… You didn’t realize your parents were so intuitive, did you?

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