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I See My Dad’s Birthday Numbers All the Time!!!

Question:  My dad past away 9 months ago, just started seeing 39 everywhere – I keep seeing my dad’s birthday numbers.. is there a message there for me at all?

keep seeing my father' birthday numbersGreer:   First thing I want to ‘I am sorry for your loss.’  ” the question about seeing your dad’s birthday numbers all the time, everywhere is common, especially father’s birthday.

The answer is different with everyone. I am sure it was a message from him.. especially if you see it so much..  Now, the rest of my answer is not so easy… Do you remember what you were doing or feeling, or thinking? Perhaps you were asking someone a question, or trying to solve a project, and then you see 39. This is part of the answer. You need to be quiet, and ask. What do you want to say to me?”. You will feel it, perhaps not at once. Another thing I would suggest is getting a small journal and every time it occurs, write down your feeling.

It happens many times, especially on holidays. I remember years ago, during Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law was leading with “why are we grateful?’ and began to recite how grateful to have all his children and grandchildren at the same table… My dad appeared in back of me “Enough enough. When are we going to Eat?” He had a warped sense of humor and loved food.  What was his message? I love you and will always be with you. And don’t forget to laugh!”

I would love to hear if you have insight or if you are reading this, what comments do you have?

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