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I See the Same Birthday Numbers All the Time! Why?

Ask Greer: Are You Seeing the Same Birthday Numbers All the Time? What does it mean?

Cathy: Hello Greer, I keep seeing my dad’s birthday numbers “525” everywhere. I see it everyday and he’s still alive! Do you know what that would mean?

Reply: Greer says:

keep seeing father's birthdayHi Cathy, when numbers appear everywhere, there is usually a recurring theme and feeling. For example, when you are seeing the same birthday numbers of your father, there may be something about your connection to him that is being played here.

I continually say on my posts, what were you thinking about at the time you saw his birthday numbers? Was it a situation that you could imagine hearing your father give his 2 cents about? I always suggest starting an “I see dad’s birthday (or someone else) all the time” notebook to get more insight.

Here is an example. My brother is an avid hiker and knows much about nature. One day, while hiking, I stubbed my toe and went flying to the ground. I was just about to get up when I saw on a rock ‘624’ (his birthday). Already startled by the fall, I looked closer at the number and backed up slowly to see a large insect in back of the rock. It’s like his energy was giving me a message to be careful and pay attention.

Seeing ‘525’ birthday numbers

Now examine the numbers ‘525’. The energy of 5 (May) is being out in the world, energetic and fearless. What about ’25’? 2+5=7. Seven is a mystical number that represents deep thought, beyond what you know in reality to be true. What about the very minute, when you saw “525”. (5+2 forward and 5+2 backward). “Is there a question you have been pondering? Could the answer be “let go of what you know and seek beyond what you do not know” to find your answer? Feel free to respond here.

Any one else, seeing the same birthday numbers all the time? Feel free to connect here and I can perhaps give you some insight.

If you want to go even further, talking about you, and your destiny, we can set up a reading. Here is the link.

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