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Introduction to Numerology Workshop

 Want to know more about your numbers with the esoteric science of numerology? Please comment below if you are interested in a future 4 week class.

Power of Numbers: Online Numerology Course  numerology workshop in April

Online Numerology Workshop 4 week courseThis 4 week online Numerology Course will give you the tools to understand the power of numbers in your life, create and analyze your own charts and the charts of others.

Introduction to Numerology Workshop
The Power of Numbers

New Date TBD

Learning about your life purpose, expression number and karmic lessons can give you the tools to uncover your powerful self. You may find a new approach to the challenges and passions in your life and relationships.

 Join Greer Jonas in a fun and interactive numerology workshop.

Numerology Workshop Topics will include:

  • The personality of each number
  • Your destiny number/life path lessons/karmic lessons
  • What the current year has in store for you
  • How to create and interpret a numerology chart.
  • Compatibility charts

Examples of names and birth dates of successful people, such as Oprah Winfrey and David Bowie will be shown to illustrate how to analyze a name and discover its numerology personality.  Please bring a calculator, notebook, pencil with eraser.

Many thanks for your class! The insights gained through studying our numbers were such a comfort as well as giving me an understanding of what I’m going through at a difficult time in my life – and a reminder that this is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth! Susan, New York City

Wondering about 2021 from a numerological perspective?

Listen to my interview with Spiritual Coach Katie Augustine

Interview with Greer Jonas on Numerology and 2021

Interview 2021
Interview with Greer Jonas about 2021

Numerology Readings
Would you like to know more about your unique path in life according to numerology? Perhaps you are looking to change your name or create a new business.
Brainstorming from a numerological prospective can add to your success.

Check out the variety of readings available with Greer

As an intuitive numerologist and artist, Greer has practiced numerology for over 25 years.

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