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Is it Common to Have a Master Number?

Wondering if you have a Master Number?

Ask Greer

“In numerology, how often does a master number come up in someone’s chart? “~ Harry

Note: A Master number is when two numbers are the same: 11/22/33, etc. In numerology, numbers are calculated by using your birthday as well as your name. To discover more about your life’s path or ‘destiny’, add your birthday numbers separately and then reduce them. If the final sum adds to a master number, you no longer reduce. The reason for this is that a master number has very powerful energy with the potential to bring much success.

An example is the high-spirited Michelle Obama, born 1/17/1964 add: 1+1+7+7+1+1+9+6+4 = 29/ (2+9=11).  Eleven is the master number of divine inspiration and leadership (1s).

How Often Does a Master Number Appear in Someone’s Chart?

It is not exactly rare, but I would say it is not the norm to have a master number. Especially the higher double numbers. In fact, for the ‘Destiny’ number, I have only seen ‘11’ through ‘44’ (44 is extremely rare). So in a non-scientific way, I have calculated a short list of 108 celebrity birthdays and their destinies. Of 108 celebrities, 25 have master numbers which give you a percentage of 23%.

Master numbers appear in other ways, such as adding all the numbers in your birth name. In this case, it is possible to have master numbers ‘11’ through ‘99’. But I believe my calculation of 23% is still fairly accurate. Check out my celebrity destiny chart below for more..

What is your Destiny Number? Check out this page and find out!

master number percentage master number celebrities

Celebrities with master numbers

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