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May 2022: 11 Universal Month

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May is a beautifully intense and transformative 11 Universal Month.

The 11 is a powerful and high-vibe energy.

So what does that mean on a practical level when it shows up as the Universal Month?

The 11 is the powerful healer. In many ways, it holds a transformative energy much in the same way that Chiron pushes and prods the healing of our deepest wounds.

The gorgeous opportunity is that this is a gateway of energetic support to heal, grow, and truly transform into an expression of what we checked in to do in this lifetime (not to get too lofty about it!).

Yet when the 11 shows up, spiritual illumination and deep levels of insight are the promise.

Also with it being Eclipse season + Mercury Retrograde (among a few other jazzy astrological influences!), make sure you stay centered and grounded this month.

☑️  Take time to meditate and journal – set your intentions!

☑️  Be especially mindful of what you’re putting into your body

☑️  Pay attention to your dreams – lots of work going on there right now!

☑️  Slow down just a bit. Be kind to yourself and extend that kindness to others.

☑️  Don’t put a narrative around what you’re experiencing right now! Don’t try to rationalize it or put it into your old timeline and storyline. Allow it to just BE right now. Context can come later.

How To Make The Most Out Of The Powerful 11 Universal Month

1 Life Path:  How does your sense of independence show up?

2 Life Path:  How do you manage your extreme sensitivity?

3 Life Path:  How do you express yourself?

4 Life Path:  How have you created your personal family support system?

5 Life Path:  How have you dealt with personal responsibility?

6 Life Path:  How do you nourish and nurture yourself?

7 Life Path:  How connected are you to your intuitive voice?

8 Life Path:  How far have you come in your empowerment process?

9 Life Path:  How open are you to release and forgive – yourself and others?

11/2 Life Path:  How have you been able to keep your feet on the ground yet also channel energy effectively? (BTW, as an 11/2, the energy this month offers an added punch of opportunity and challenge!)

22/4 Life Path:  How connected are you to your longer-range spiritual goals?

33/6 Life Path:  How much balance have you achieved with your creative urges and nurturing of others?

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