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May 2023 – the Energy of Five Can Shift the Feeling of ‘Stuck’

May Five numerology The month of May is the exciting number of the 5. Five connects to the ‘fire’ in us and invites us to take action. It is the energy of change and charisma – possibly letting go of your ‘imagined’ sense of defeat. May teaches us to move with the wind and enjoy the sun and the birds. The lesson of the ‘5’ is to break the isolation, lift up from our ever-present over-active mind and just connect with people. Enjoy, entertain, dance, run, and take a walk in the park.

Are you making a face right now? Would you rather play on your computer, and text on your phone? If this is a challenge, perhaps start of with calling a friend and taking a 10-minute walk in the park.

Are you already feeling it? Now is the time to take action and make some very important shifts in your life. What are they? Feel free to answer here.

What happens when you change your name? 

Read my article in OmTimes to learn about 3 hugely successful performers who decided to only use their first name. You guessed it: Cher, Madonna and Prince.

Check out how this numerological shift in energy helped each of them to soar to the height of stardom in their own unique way.

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