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May is a Five Month – The Energy of Fire

When we look at every month, we can experience a new energetic influence. May is the Five Month – the energy of fire.

may is the 5 month

Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye… ”

—William Hazlitt


May is a Five Month – the Energy of the Fire

The month of May is a 5 month in a 5 global year (2+0+2+1). The effect of this month can expedite an active social life with much growth and change. Five also represents the fire to move past and through a limited issue, relationship or personal boundary.  We have already seen the cusp of change in the conviction of Derek Chauvin­­ for the killing of George Floyd.

Keep in mind that this is not like any other May in a 5 global year. Because of the pandemic, we are restricted in our choices to have a social life. Here lies the challenge, to reach past our limitations and be unique in the way we connect with others.

Five deals with movement, personal contact and change. Now is an opportunity to participate and make a difference in some way. What an unusual time on this planet. With masks on, and the influence of the vaccine, we can find the opportunity to enjoy others, to go outside, hike in nature, do yoga, or go to an outdoor restaurant. The five energy should help speed up some process in healing. There is a new normal and for me, I am still scratching my head!

How will each day in the month of May Affect You?

To find the focus for each day in May, you simply add the month and day to the current year.

The formula must be calculated in a specific way. Let’s take the example of May 1, 2021

5+1+2+0+2+1 =11

11 is a master number. When two numbers are the same, they are called master numbers because they are double the number and therefore a very powerful day. An 11 day can be a day of much inspiration and new beginnings.

If you are planning an event or a class, for instance, it is good to see what the vibe is for that day.

Curious? Click here to out the daily forecast for the month of May and how it will affect you.

The insights gained through studying the numbers were such a comfort as well as giving me an understanding of what I’m going through at a difficult time in my life. It is a reminder that this is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth! Susan NYC

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