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Mirror hour 01:01 Meaning and Interpretation

mirror hour 0101 meaning

Here is the meaning of the mirror hour 01:01; This way, you will know the message transmitted to you for that twin hour composed of a double 01.

When we see a mirror hour like 01:01, which happens regularly, it is customary to look for the meaning. Synchronicity registered by our subconscious can sometimes convey a message to us, but it is still necessary to know!

We use various divination supports or divination methods, which helps us provide you with a complete and reliable presentation. This way, you will know what the hour 01:01 means, be it through the study of angels, the use of numerology and the Marseilles tarot.

Meaning of Mirror Hour 01:01 with the Guardian Angels

If you have seen the hour of the mirror 01:01, it means that a guardian angel wishes to inform you that a person is in love with you; take stock of yourself and try to take time to analyze the feelings you feel when you think of someone in particular. You should be able to know who it is.

However, it warns you that loneliness and isolation are not good positions to adapt for you. Social contact is significant for your balance. If you are looking for love, you must agree to explore new territories because you can find a rare pearl in a context different from yours!

01:01 highlights a strong personality; be careful not to sink into self-centeredness. Sure, you deserve concern for your loved ones, but starting all your sentences with “I” can quickly upset your family or colleagues.

Finally, if you have important responsibilities, the 01:01 mirror hour indicates that you are in a leadership position, teamwork comes naturally to you. The paternal/maternal principle emanates from its character, making you a trusted and respected leader, even if his charisma and strong personality destabilize some people.

Angelic interpretation of the time 01:01

The angel number, it carries a unique and very personal message coming straight from the angels. To make sure you understand it, why not ask your guardian angel that corresponds to 01:01 is: Elemiah, your period of influence is from 1:00 to 1:20. He is the symbol of success! It protects you and gives you the will to initiate significant changes in your life, and it helps you start over. He is the guide that accompanies you if you evolve in the creative field.

With the guardian angel Elemiah, he is doing great things and exploring new ways on his life path. It spreads inner peace within you and allows you to identify people who may betray you quickly.

What does 01:01 mean in numerology?

The value of the mirror hour 01:01 is 2, which is the symbol of union in love. Your love life seems to be on the move – get ready! If you are single, this indicates a meeting, an engagement or a confirmation. If you are already in a relationship, it will be a big step like a marriage proposal or the birth of a child.

His talent in the field of diplomacy allows him to resolve a large number of conflicts. This position of mediator or intermediary offers you great opportunities from which an association in the professional field can be born.

Number 2 also speaks of sensitivity, and we can even mention hypersensitivity and mediumship. It explains why you sometimes have trouble managing some of your emotions. The fact of falling on the hour 01:01 tells you that you must keep as much distance as possible with what you live to maintain your emotional balance.

Your great intuition helps you quickly feel the people or situations you encounter. Still, this capacity for anticipation can sometimes be the source of difficulties in relationships and generate a form of impatience.

Correspondence 01:01 with Tarot

The arcane Tarot that corresponds to 01:01 is the Bateleur. It represents the beginning, the beginning, and it tells you that you are creative, that you are dynamic and that your initiative may surprise more than one person.


The sword of the Bateleur indicates that you will experience a new cycle, the beginning of a love story, or positive changes in your current relationship. It will also happen in work, where you will have new ideas, start projects and find solutions to complex problems.


If this arcanum turns, it represents manipulation. Like a juggler, the Bateleur will embellish reality or even lie to achieve his goals. You must be careful with those around you, and a person can hide the truth from you!

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